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Advantages and disadvantages of US citizenship

“I have already written in detail about how is the naturalization process - after more than 10 years of living in America, I finally became a citizen of the United States. Now I want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of American citizenship, ”writes Andriy Boychuk in an article for Immigrant porada.

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Further - from the first person.

Having citizenship, you can vote, and must also be a member of the jury when they call you. But if you delve into the details, you can find other differences from the holder of the green card. I’ll try now to write about everything that I know and that I could find on official sites.

So let's start with the minuses, then to complete the benefits.

Disadvantages of obtaining US citizenship

1. It costs about $ 725 + plus you have to be off work for three days. It takes one day to go to get your prints, the second for the interview, and one more for the oath. This is not 3 days in a row, but at different times. Therefore, if your green card is valid for another 5 or more years, this may be a waste for you. When I went through the naturalization process, I had only a year left on the green card, so it was more logical for me to pay for citizenship than to renew the green card.

2. Now you are forced to be a member of the jury every 2 years when called. And you will be lucky if the trial lasts 1 day. It happens that it drags on for weeks.

3. Travel to Ukraine or other home countries of immigrants for which Americans require a visa. If you need to travel to Ukraine for more than 90 days, then you will need a visa. But for fewer days it is not needed.

4. There is no dual citizenship in Ukraine, so Ukrainian citizens will have to renounce it. But I don't know anyone who did it.

In America, dual citizenship is allowed. Therefore, when Ukrainians make American citizenship, no one forces them to give up Ukrainian.

And of course, America does not write letters to Ukraine and does not report that someone has become their citizen. Therefore, Ukraine does not know that you have become an American citizen, and still considers you a Ukrainian citizen. Why is this a minus? Because according to the law you must renounce the citizenship of Ukraine.

Benefits of obtaining US citizenship

1. If your parents, brothers or sisters stayed at home, you can make them a green cardand they can live with you.

2. You can vote at the elections.

3. You can get yourself an American passport and travel to almost any country without a visa. However, there are certain limitations. For example, Russia and several other countries require a visa from the Americans. But most countries are not. By the way, this is one of the most important reasons why citizenship was so important to me.

4. If you are a man, you can no longer worry that you will be taken into the army at home.if you go there.

5. You cannot be deported. If you have a green card, you can be deported for serious crimes or fraud. If you have citizenship, then, thanks to the American Constitution, this will not happen, because you are at home.

6. You do not need to update your documents to legally stay in the country. There will be no hassle with a visa, green card, etc.

7. You can apply to work in public institutions.

Additional questions that you may have on the status of a citizen

Does a stasus citizen have any additional advantages in terms of real estate?

When buying a property, nothing changes, there are no special rules. You can also buy or sell real estate as a US resident or citizen.

Does citizen status affect inheritance issues?

No, it does not. Whether you are a US citizen or just a resident, the law does not change against you if you want to leave a legacy. There are exceptions, but they are more related to tax (IRS), and this is a completely different topic.

Here are some pros and cons. Each person has a different situation, so you have to decide what is best for you.

About the Author: Andrey Boichuk is the founder of Immigrant Porada (, a platform for Ukrainian immigrants in the United States. Cheerful husband beautiful wife and father of a joyful daughter.

This blog is translated from the Ukrainian language. The original article can be found on the website. "Immigrant Porada" (Ukrainian online advice platform for immigrants in the United States).

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