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Rules of traveling abroad for green card holders

Green card holders can leave the United States and return to the country by presenting a US permanent resident card at the border. ForumDaily reminds simple rules that will help to avoid unforeseen problems while traveling. In particular, we will tell you what documents are necessary for departure and return, how trips abroad can affect your status in the US, and what to do if your trip lasts more than one year.

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What documents are required to travel outside the United States

When crossing the border, you need to present a valid passport (passport) issued by the country of which you are a citizen. Refugees need to present a document authorizing travel abroad. Please note that the country where you are going to go may require additional documents (for example, a visa). Detailed information on the requirements for entry to or exit from other countries can be obtained by link.

What documents are required upon returning to the States?

To return to the United States after a temporary trip abroad, you need to present a valid green card (I-551 form). Upon arrival in America (at the airport or in the port), you need to show a green card and any identity document. This may be a passport, national identity card, American driver's license. Only after a thorough check of your documents will it be decided whether to allow you to enter the country or not. More information about entering the US can be found at link.

How does your overseas travel influence your status in the USA?

Short-term trips abroad do not affect permanent resident status. However, it should be careful, because your absence in the States for a year or more can be regarded as a refusal of status and moving to a permanent place of residence in another country.

Short trips abroad, as a rule, will not create problems for you. In such cases, the officer will consider a number of criteria, such as: are you going to temporarily go abroad; Do you maintain family or community ties in the United States? Did you file your income tax return as a country resident? In addition, the officer may consider other factors that guarantee your return, such as: whether your mailing address is relevant; are there open bank accounts and valid driver's licenses; whether you own property or run your business, as well as any other evidence that indicates the temporary nature of your trip.

What to do if a trip abroad will last more than a year?

If you know that your train abroad will last more than one year, it is advisable to first apply for permission to re-enter I-131 Form. If you receive such a permit before leaving America, it will give you the opportunity to get the right to enter the territory of America without the need to obtain a visa of the returning resident at the US embassy or consulate abroad. Please note: permission to re-enter the country does not guarantee that you will be let through at the border, but this will help you convince the authorities that you intend to reside in the United States.

If you stay abroad for more than 2's, the term for permission to return will expire. In this case, to return to the United States, you must obtain a resident visa (SB-1) at the nearest US embassy or consulate. An applicant for a SB-1 visa will have to prove the right to receive an immigration visa and undergo a medical examination. These rules do not apply to spouses and children of US military and government employees working abroad. For more information go to broker US Department of State.

It is also worth remembering that your absence in America for more than six months may violate the requirement of continuous residence in the United States, necessary for naturalization. If you are absent for a year or longer and want to retain permanent residency in the States for naturalization, you can apply on the form N-470. For more information go to broker.

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