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Last 'Soviet' leader: Kazakh President Nazarbayev resigned

Addressing the people of Kazakhstan, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that he had decided to resign. He has served as President of Kazakhstan since 1990.


“We have done everything together, Kazakhstanis. You supported me in all elections. It is a blessing to be the president of such a country. I served you faithfully. Thanks to you, I became president ", - quotes RBC with reference to the portal

Nazarbayev also said that he would remain at the head of the Security Council of Kazakhstan and the Nur Otan party. The right to head for life the Security Council Nazarbayev, as the first president of the country and the leader of the nation (Elbasy), is given by the law “On the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Before the presidential election, the duties of the head of state will be performed by the former prime minister, the speaker of the Senate of Parliament, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, notes RBC.

“Under the law, in the event of the termination of the powers of the president, his duties are performed by the speaker of the Senate. Then there will be a presidential election, ”said Nazarbayev. He also called Tokayev "a man who can be trusted to manage Kazakhstan."

Nazarbayev 78 years. President of the Kazakh SSR, he became 24 April 1990, before that he headed the Supreme Council of the Republic. December 1 1991 of the year at the first national election of the President of Kazakhstan received the support of 98,7% of voters. Elections were uncontested. After that, he won the presidential election several times, the latter were extraordinary and took place in April 2015, then Nazarbayev received almost 97,8% of votes.

His term of office was due to expire in April 2020.

Tokayev 66 years. He is a graduate of MGIMO. He worked in the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and later became the head of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan (in 1994 — 1999 and in 2002 — 2007). From 1999 to 2002, the year was Prime Minister. Since 2013, he has been the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. For 13 years he was president of the National Table Tennis Federation.

Nazarbayev will remain at the head of the Security Council of Kazakhstan and the Nur Otan party. The right to lead the Security Council for life, as the first president of the country, is given by the law “On the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Nazarbayev signed a decree on his resignation live. He became the last retired "Soviet" leader.

Edition МК published the full text of Nazarbayev's announcement:

“Today I appeal to you, as I have always done, at the most important moments of the history of our state, which we are building together. But today's appeal is special.

I made a difficult decision for myself - to resign from the powers of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This year marks 30 years of my time as the supreme leader of our country. I was honored by my people to become the First President of independent Kazakhstan.

Recall how the Soviet empire fell, leaving us with confusion and emotional turmoil, a ruined economy and politics. Gross domestic product has halved, not enough food and essential goods. Overnight, all the major factories stopped. It seemed to come collapse.

It was a challenge. And we accepted it. They began to vigorously pave their Kazakhstani path of development.

Our triune task was to build a market economy, dismantle the totalitarian ideological system and modernize all the institutions of society. And we did this in the name of creating a modern democratic state - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Understanding that it was impossible to build democratic institutions with a weak economy and poor citizens, we put economic development and the growth of citizens' welfare at the forefront. As a result, we managed to raise the economy by 15 times, and household incomes by 9 times (in dollar terms), which made it possible to reduce the poverty level by almost 10 times.

We have independently and successfully overcome all the cataclysms that have fallen to our lot, including the deepest global financial crisis of 2007-2012.

Kazakhstan has moved from an agrarian economy to an industrial service economy. There is a process of industrialization and urbanization of the country. The world's leading investors have come to the commodity sector. This made it possible to implement the most complex projects in the oil and gas sector.

A fund for future generations of Kazakhstanis has been formed at the expense of raw materials. Kazakhstan has become part of the global economy, attracting investment and trading with almost all countries of the world.

Built a new infrastructure framework of the country. All regions of the country are connected by road and rail. And aviation routes give us the opportunity to discover new places in the world.

Kazakhstan became a large state not only by territory. Today we have more than 18 million people. The frontier is near - 20 million people.

We are among the 50 developed countries in the world. Developed development program to 2050 year. The goal is to become one of the most developed countries in 30.

We managed to build a successful Kazakhstan state with a modern market economy on the ruins of the USSR, create peace and stability within a multi-ethnic and multi-religious Kazakhstan. For the first time in our centuries-old history, international legal recognition of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been secured. Put Kazakhstan on the world map, where it was not as a state. We have our own flag, anthem, coat of arms.

In the most difficult period of 90, we began training specialists on the Bolashak program in order to give young people a decent education, an opportunity to study world practice and benefit the country.

There was a crisis in the world, and we created a world-class university in Astana, built intellectual schools. Young people who grew up during the years of independence, I am sure, appreciate the country's care for them. They nestlings of the independent Kazakhstan, which, I believe, will protect and strengthen our country, give their knowledge and strength to the cause of prosperity of the Fatherland.

For the first time in the history of the country, we built our capital. Astana is a tangible personification of all our achievements and victories.

We did all this together, my dear Kazakhstan people.

All these years you have supported me in all elections, supported my initiatives. I was honored to serve my great nation, my native country. Thank you so much - to my people and kowtow. Thanks to such support, I worked sparingly my strength, energy and health, time to justify this trust.

As you know, our laws give me the status of the First President - Elbasy (Leader of the Nation). I remain the chairman of the Security Council, which is vested with serious powers. I remain the chairman of the Nur Otan party, a member of the Constitutional Council. That is, I stay with you. The cares of the country and the people remain my concerns.

As the founder of an independent Kazakhstani state, I see my future task in ensuring the coming to power of a new generation of leaders who will continue the transformations being carried out in the country.

The issue of continuity of power in Kazakhstan is resolved constitutionally. In the event of early termination of the powers of the current President, his powers are transferred to the Chairman of the Senate before the expiration of the electoral term. Then elections of the new President will take place.

The Chairman of the Senate of Parliament is currently Kasym-Zhomart Kemelovich Tokayev. You know him well. He is a graduate of MGIMO, Ph.D. Fluent in English and Chinese. He has come a long way in the leadership positions of the republic. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs in the years of the formation of the country's foreign policy, he worked as Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister of the country, Chairman of the Senate. Knows the country, its economy and politics. Nominated and worked as Deputy Secretary-General of the UN. This was a great recognition of his merits as a diplomat and a sign of confidence in Kazakhstan.

Next to me, he has been working since the first days of independence of Kazakhstan. I know him well. He is an honest, responsible and obligatory person. It supports a fully implemented policy inside and outside the country. All programs were developed and adopted with his participation.

I believe that Tokaev is the person to whom we can entrust the management of Kazakhstan.

Dear compatriots!

We see that the world is changing, not standing still. Not only new opportunities appear, but also new global technological and demographic challenges, instability of the world order. Each generation has to solve their problems. I and my generation did everything for the country that we could. The results are known to you. The world is changing, and new generations are coming. The process is natural. They will solve the problems of their time. Let them try to make the country even better.

Together with the world we must change too. I appeal to the young generation of Kazakhstanis - take care of independent Kazakhstan - our common homeland, Magilik ate - this is our people, the land of our great ancestors. We have one homeland, one land.

Take care of the friendship and unity of our people, our mutual trust and respect for the culture and traditions of every citizen of the country.

Only in this way we will be strong, we will overcome all the challenges. Only in this way will we flourish.

Dear Kazakhstan! My compatriots! Today I appeal to each of you.

The country faces large-scale tasks. And I am confident in our success.

How do I see Kazakhstan of the future? I firmly believe that the people of Kazakhstan of the future are a society of educated, free people who speak three languages.

They are citizens of the world. They travel. They are open to new knowledge. They are hardworking. They are patriots of their country.

I am convinced that the future Kazakhstan is the Society for Universal Labor. This is a state with a strong economy, where everything is done for a person. Where is the best education, the best health care. Where peace and tranquility reign. Where citizens are free and equal, and power is fair. There is the rule of law.

I believe that we are on the right course, and nothing can lead us astray.

If we are strong, we will be considered.

If we hope for a miracle or rely on others, we will lose what we have achieved.

Dear Kazakhstan!

I believe that the time has come to sign the relevant Decree. ”

With these words, Nazarbayev signed a decree about his own resignation.

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