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After being discharged from the mental hospital, the man stole several cars and destroyed his own house

A man with mental health problems stole a school bus, drove it through Washington state, and then stole another car and crashed into his own home in Cheuela. The publication told more about the incident. The post millennial.

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On Saturday, July 24, 39-year-old Andrew Loudon was discharged from the hospital in Lakewood, after which he headed to Leavenworth. He then hijacked a yellow school bus, rode it for an hour and 40 minutes to Moses Lake, and then abandoned it.

Loudon then hitchhiked through Spokane to Cheuela, where he stole a wheel loader and eventually crashed into his own house, flipping the car onto a nearby building.

At that time his wife lived in the house, but fled when she received the news that he could return.

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Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett said Washington's new police reform laws, which came into force recently, prevented officers from pursuing Loudon while he fled the police.

Burnett said the new police regulations require officers to pursue a vehicle or a suspect only if:

• There is a probable cause for a violent crime, sex offense or escape;

• you need to identify or arrest the suspect;

• the driver threatens others by his actions.

The officers tried to stop the bus, but were forced to end the pursuit, which allowed Loudon to continue moving.

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“The biggest impact on our residents will be the changes in our ability to chase a suspect hiding in a vehicle. Law enforcement officials will only be able to prosecute if there is a “probable reason” for arresting a person suspected of a violent or sexual offense such as murder, kidnapping, shooting from a passing car or rape, ”the Pierce County Sheriff's Office said ...

The hospital that released Loudon has been criticized for patient escapes and staff shortages. In 2018, when the facility failed to pass a safety inspection, the federal government stopped funding it.

Loudon was arrested wearing a yellow sundress. He is charged with car theft, possession of a stolen car, malicious harm, first degree domestic violence and attempting to escape from the police.

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