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Popular items not to buy on Black Friday

This is the most important shopping day of the year. Black Friday, which comes the day after Thanksgiving, includes early sales, online deals, gifts, and more. Money Talks News.

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Some products are especially in demand on this day - there is always a perfect discount for computers or TVs. But you shouldn't buy everything that is sold by the stock. Here is a list of shopping to avoid on Black Friday and tips on the best times to make them.


Everyone knows to change their athletic shoes regularly. The frequency depends on how you use and how quickly and how much you wear out the shoe.

But Black Friday isn't the best time for sneaker discounts, according to RunRepeat, an athletic shoe review site that analyzed prices from the previous three years in 2019 and concluded that Black Friday sneaker discounts are a myth:

"If you look at the 27 most popular pairs of sneakers in the RunRepeat database, you can expect to pay on average $ 23,95 (36,3%) more on Black Friday than on the cheapest day of the year for each pair of sneakers."


Many have seen commercials in which one spouse surprises the other with a new luxury car with a bow the size of a large dog tied to the hood. Everyone, probably, also wondered: who has that kind of money to spend on a holiday gift? And in general, which store sells bows of this size?

But, okay, let's say you have that kind of money. And such a big bow.

However, don't buy a new car on Black Friday. Wait a month or so when dealers are more likely to offer end-of-year sales so they can bring new models.

Gift cards

It is a practical and useful, albeit impersonal, gift that allows the recipient to choose the goods or services of their liking.

But Black Friday isn't the time to buy gift cards. Just wait a few weeks. Often in December, you will find gift card offers such as a lower value add-on card added on purchase for free. This is a really good deal! Be careful though, because these additional cards sometimes expire quickly.

If you are not using gift cards, remember that you can exchange them for cash.

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Sofas, armchairs, coffee tables - everyone has to buy furniture sometime. Experienced shoppers know that there is a kind of unwritten schedule as to when to buy what.

However, Black Friday is not on the list of eligible days. Better to wait for some really good sales.

If you need home furnishings, wait until January / February or July / August for retailers to try to dispose of their old inventory (Labor Day and Presidents Day sales). The best outdoor furniture deals usually happen in late summer, when the season ends in colder states.

Holiday decorations

On Black Friday, you can find great deals on holiday decor items. However, the time when stores really want to get rid of such seasonal items comes after the holidays are over.

It may seem strange to buy Christmas ornaments or yard décor when the holiday is over, but it is best to buy these items in late December. You will thank yourself next year when it comes time to decorate your house or yard.

Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment sellers know when their big moment is. This time is not before Christmas, but in January, when everyone who has made a New Year's decision to lose weight or get in shape decides to put together a home gym. June, when athletes tend to go outside and ignore their home gyms, can be a good time to shop too, according to LiveStrong.

The same may be true for some gym memberships, but not always: some offer the best rates on Black Friday. It is better to check the conditions on a case-by-case basis, if you want you to lose weight, not your wallet.

Cold weather clothing

Of course, you can get great discounts on clothes on Black Friday. But not for outdoor winter clothes.

The best deals on parkas, winter equipment, down jackets, fleece jackets and similar clothing are valid only in January.

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The most popular toys of yesteryear nearly caused a riot in stores. Remember the Zhu Zhu Pets electronic toy hamster race during the 2009 winter break? Today's toys may be different, but the race for the best is still ongoing.

Of course, toys are sold on Black Friday, but practical parents stock up on toys in January when stores try to get rid of holiday merchandise.

Calendars and diaries

Calendars and diaries are so bright, so clean, so hopeful. Their pages have not yet recorded dentist appointments, canceled appointments, last minute trips. But if you've ever walked past a calendar kiosk in a mall, you know how quickly prices will drop after the holidays.

If you can live without these goods until January, you can wait for prices to drop even up to 90%, when the year for which the calendar or diary is calculated has already begun.

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