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The police did not strangle George Floyd: the lawyer released an unexpected video

In the footage presented in court, you can see that the policeman's knee rests not on Floyd's neck, as was previously believed, but on his back, reports "Correspondent".

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In the United States, the lawyer of police officer Derek Chauvin, who is accused of the death of African American George Floyd, presented a new video in court. The footage reveals that the officer did not actually choke Floyd with his knee, as previously thought.

The video presented in court was filmed with a chest camera of one of the police officers involved in the arrest of Floyd. In the footage, you can see that the policeman's knee rests not on Floyd's neck, as was previously believed, but on his back.

It is reported that this does not change the results of the forensic examination, according to which the cause of Floyd's death was hypoxia. An independent medical expert at the trial suggested that the strangulation could have occurred due to the fact that Floyd used drugs that were found in his blood.

The previously released video, taken by Minneapolis police during the arrest of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, was taken from a different angle. From this angle, it looked like Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's neck. When Floyd died after his arrest, it caused an outbreak of mass protests in various cities of the United States, accompanied by riots and clashes with the police. The protesters demanded a cut in police funding and accused the cops of racism.

More than nine minutes, during which Chauvin's knee allegedly pressed against Floyd's neck, has not yet been questioned due to the large number of videos - both by outside observers and police cameras - demonstrating the use of this deterrent by the cop. Forbes... But now everything looks different.

“The most important numbers you'll hear in this lawsuit are nine, two, nine,” said Jerry Blackwell, one of the state's attorneys, during his opening debate last week, focusing on 9 minutes and 29 seconds for which Chauvin was kneeling on Floyd's neck. However, it has now become apparent that at least part of that time, the cop's knee was on the detainee's back.

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Chauvin's lead attorney Eric Nelson on April 5 during the cross-examination of Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo brought up the concept of "camera perspective shifting" and included two roughly 30-second clips of Chauvin holding Floyd back as the paramedics arrived: a random video from teenager Darnella Fraser and body camera footage of former officer Alexander Kueng.

Nelson then emphasized that while in the video recorded by Fraser it appears that Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's neck, the knee appeared to be on the detainee's shoulder blade when viewed from a different angle.

"Would you agree that when viewed from a different angle, Officer Chauvin's knee was larger on Mr. Floyd's shoulder blade?" Nelson Arradondo asked.

“Yes,” answered Arradondo. At the same time, the prosecution stressed that the video depicts only one specific moment "at the time when the ambulance had already arrived and not long before they loaded Mr. Floyd onto a gurney."

Arradondo also stressed that for the first time he sees the situation from a different angle, all previously available videos, he said, showed a policeman's knee on the neck.

“This is the first time I see the knee of the accused in the area of ​​the scapula,” said Arradondo.


Arradondo had previously testified that Chauvin violated Minneapolis Police Department rules by restraining Floyd. According to the chief of police, the Department at the time allowed police officers to use neck bracing, but "knowingly" (the seizure should not cause the suspects to lose consciousness), with "mild to moderate" pressure. Arradondo said he did not believe that Chauvin "in any way" followed this policy, and said that officers should stop such seizures as soon as the suspect is under control.

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“Initially it’s wise to try to get him under control with this technique, but that’s in the first few seconds,” Arradondo said earlier. "But once there was no more resistance, and apparently when Floyd stopped reacting and didn't even move, continuing to use that level of force against a man handcuffed behind his back is in no way politically motivated."

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