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Las Vegas is building the world's first airport for drones

Approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Las Vegas, in the small town of Boulder City construction of the world's first drone port - an airport for drones, reports Fastcompany.

First of all, the object is aimed at the education of commercial users of unmanned aerial systems, but also for recreation, entertainment, and even unmanned racing.

“In the unmanned aircraft systems industry, between 2015 and 2025, an unprecedented growth of $ 82,1 billion, - says the documents on the construction of the airfield - This area will create at least 103 thousand new high-paying jobs. The aerodrome is being built to fill the gap between needs and opportunities in this market. We are ready to help meet the growing demand for unmanned workforce. ”

It is also planned to build a dronoport in Rwanda, where unmanned vehicles will be used primarily for the supply of medicines. But this project is still only an idea, but the construction of a dronoport near Las Vegas is promised to be completed by the year of 2018.

The facility is one of six projects approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The drone port is a private project, but it will be open to the public, where it will be possible to take courses on flight training, unmanned repair, pilot certification, etc. The facility is intended for use by any aircraft weighing less than 600 kg.

The airfield is also expected to be used by the military, first responders, journalists, as well as specialists in real estate, agriculture and other industries.

The FAA recently published recommendations for regulating the use of drones, among which was the requirement for electronic registration of these machines with the assignment of a registration number.

As the “Forum” wrote, US authorities will soon be able to intercept private drones.

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