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Almost 20 years of training: how the Ukrainian opened a dental center in the USA

Ukrainian Oksana Stoy has been working as a dentist for 15 years. Lives in Phoenix (Arizona), she began her career in her parents' house in Lviv. This is stated in the video "Voices of America".

“I am the third generation, both my grandparents were dentists too. I remember how my grandfather still made prints with plaster, I remember how he had a dental car such as a yellow bicycle wheel, ”recalls Oksana.

In 1993, Oksana graduated from the Lviv Medical Institute with a degree in dentistry. I worked a year in Ukraine and came to the USA.

She was not taken to the position of a dentist with a Ukrainian diploma.

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“I worked as an assistant, Americans do not trust our many procedures, they are worried about their license,” says Oksana.

“It took me a long time to become a dentist in the USA. Honestly, if I knew about this in advance, I would think well, ”says Oksana.

After 6 years of such work, Oksana decided to enter the university again.

“In order to be a dentist in the United States, you cannot, like doctors, retake the qualification exam and work in a specialty. In dentistry, you need to go through at least 2 more years of dental school, - says Oksana. "It is relatively easy to study, because the US education system was already computerized at that time and exams are being tested."

A year of study at the university cost $ 56, Oksana did not have that kind of money, I had to take a loan.

“When a student graduates from the university, he has a loan of about $ 400. If this is a maxillofacial surgeon, then they study for another 000 years, that is, they will graduate from the university with a loan of about $ 6,” says Oksana.

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After graduating from university, Oksana worked in various dental offices. And only 8 years later she opened her own practice. Money had to be borrowed again, Oksana says that dentistry in the United States is becoming more and more like a business - renting a room costs thousands of dollars, plus expenses for equipment, personnel, medical records and insurance in case of a claim.

“This is something that I have always disliked about it, I believe that dentistry is healthcare, and, unfortunately, nowadays it is a business,” says Oksana.

Among the patients of Oksana, mostly immigrants from Poland.

“I speak Polish fluently, my husband is Pole, these patients are very happy to hear their native language, and they trust the dentist more, who can explain everything to them in detail and also in their language,” says Oksana.

Despite being busy at work, she also teaches at the university and is engaged in public work - she sends aid to Ukraine and treats anti-terrorist operation soldiers who are brought in for rehabilitation for free.

Oksana often travels to Ukraine and says she is glad to see the progress Ukraine has made in dentistry.

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“There are offices that are extremely well-arranged, such that you cannot find similar ones even in the USA,” says Oksana.

Oksana says that in Ukraine a dentist is more of a doctor, in the USA it is more of a businessman. But Oksana does not regret that she spent almost 20 years to become a dentist in the United States, now she has a good salary, although she still returns the loan for tuition fees.

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