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Why I left the States from the good life


What is it like to return to Russia after three years of living in America, and what can force you to make such a decision? Only in a personal comparison of life “here and there” can one understand which benefits are actually more valuable.


Perhaps we should start with the composition of my family at the time of our departure. My husband's name is Andrei, he is an auditor, thanks to his work, we have such an opportunity, he speaks the language well. I was then 28 years old, I am a dentist, I studied at the institute, residency, defended my thesis, it all took about 11 years.

Then she spoke the language at an intermediate level. Our son Arseny was 3 years old and he just started to speak Russian. One of the reasons for our departure from America was that moving to the States was not our dream, but rather a pleasant adventure, although the opportunity to stay was real. The first time my husband and I came for a week - just to look around. The trip is about nothing. Then, a couple of months later, he left, at that time I was finishing my dissertation, and a month later my son and I came to him, it was December 19, 2009.

Our things were all collected by the company in 84 boxes and sent by container to the seas-oceans, two cars were sold. Interestingly, the 182 boxes were back, and the office paid a fee in Euros for 15000, for importing us to Russia.

In Moscow, there were old husband's parents. I myself am from Novorossiysk, this is on the Black Sea, all my relatives live there, and I come to them every summer with a child.

We lived in St. Louis, Missouri, in the heart of the states, with the flavor of numerous nationalities. There were no problems with housing, the husband’s company rented an apartment. Then we found a townhouse in a more or less decent area, with a communal pool, a playground and lovely Hindu neighbors, next to a beautiful park and lake. At first, it was hard for Andrei to speak with the language, not the worker, but in communication with people, because everyone uses chatting, as we do in Russian.

It took him half a year to join the conversation. At first I was sad and lonely, and there was no one to talk to, since nobody in the states walks, everyone is in kindergarten / school / at work. Then Arseny was attached to the garden, and I went to free courses, where I met a huge number of people - Russians, Indians, Koreans, Mexicans, Brazilians, African Americans, Italians. In short, the entire motley public of the states.

I still wonder: how do they all get along ?! But it's so cool that people are all so different. All become more tolerant to each other.

We bought a car, a great big minivan, I passed the driving tests on the first try, not really preparing for them. There is no sense to blame the applicant, the tests are all consistent from life situations. We also had a coordinator from the company, Emil, a local guy, an Azerbaijani, whom we could ask anything and when we wanted, and he accompanied us everywhere at first, if we wanted. Arseny went to classes in the Russian-American school, for an hour 2 once a week. It was there that I met my friends, with whom I had never parted before my departure and are still friends. Although one still moved to another state in a year.

But this is the life of Americans - they move often, I think, it depends on the fact that there you can get comfortable anywhere.

So why did we leave? Andrew was always unmoved about returning to his homeland. It's time to think: to extend the visa or not? And they decided not to renew. The main reason is our family and friends.

In America, a very short vacation. They give for the beginning about 10 days a year, then for the service they add a year to the day.

Holidays per year about 4 days. Going to Russia to visit relatives is almost impossible.

And now about the amenities after returning from America

Swipe! And in everything! Just a lot. Awesome zoo, botanical garden, many parks, where they organize picnics. For kids, a magic house, now we have an experiment. Again, the whole flavor with flags, all American films and so on. There was an outdoor pool where we lived, but now there is a pool in my gym. Available concerts of my favorite U2 and Coldplay. But I go to their concerts in Europe. There are many festivals and carnivals.

But here, if desired, and time, too, everything is there. We live in Moscow! And things are changing for the better.

That is, all the good things that exist in America are in Russia! And even people are different and the same at the same time. There are both sad, and cheerful, and cheerful, and closed, and gloomy.

In America, of course, more smiles. But sometimes annoying. If, for example, you do not want to smile, but you must be friendly. Of course, the move for each family is very individual.

When we returned, I immediately went to work, I also studied to become a pediatric dentist - and I am happy to treat both children and their parents. Now I have two children, and I devote a lot of time to them, in the states this is impossible with a working mother, here I take as much time as I need.

Parents of the husband are just happy that we are near, living in the same area. Children grow up with their grandparents, who are actively involved in our lives, which, again, gives them an incentive to live longer and not get sick. Who knows what would happen if they stay here alone ?! In the summer, I and my children go to my parents at the seaside, we live in a big house and eat delicious fruits and vegetables from the garden. Arseny is engaged in chess and skiing, studying in the best school in our district.

Andrei left the office that sent us to the States, and changed many different places, until he found something to his liking, he always had a choice here. If we had stayed on the 2 visa year, we probably would not have returned, a person will quickly get used to the new conditions. The girls, who wanted to learn to be a dentist, remained as assistants and went to study as nurses. Those that were cleaners, they also remained. In the states, you can live comfortably with low income.

And in general, everyone justifies their life - someone is there, and I am here. I would like to live in the States if I was originally an American, not an emigrant. It gets annoying when you are constantly asked about your accent. Now I look around and say thank you to my husband for coming back. But sometimes it's such a melancholy when you get nasty.

Blog posted on the Blog Leader on US Instagram. alena_america and reprinted with permission of the author.

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