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Why you don't need a house near a school and 30+ more tips from realtors about buying a home in the USA

Why you should never buy a house near a school, and 32 more secrets, stories and tips from realtors. BuzzFeed.

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In recent years, many people have become interested in the complex world of home ownership.

For more information, we asked real estate agents to share their amazing secrets, stories and advice from their work.

1. Locations where things like murder have taken place are known as “stigmatized property,” and each state has its own disclosure rules.

“We are legally obliged to disclose any shortcomings we know about the premises being sold. In many states - but not all - we also have a responsibility to talk about things like murder, ”says Sarahliz16241.

2. Realtors do not receive a salary if the house is not sold or a lease is signed.

“So all these speeches, open house days, follow-up phone calls, text messages and emails from morning to night? We don't get paid for this, ”says Taylord475996e6d

3. Beware of buying near schools.

“Morning and afternoon car queues can prevent you from entering / exiting your street or even your driveway. It can even happen a few blocks away, ”says Geauxst.

4. Online real estate markets can be great, but they can lead to a lot of “just curious”.

“ and Zillow can be good resources for matching agents to buyers and sellers, but a lot of people click on 'contact agent' when asking questions or making inquiries. But these people have no real intention of buying. They expect us to spend half of Saturday (or even vacation!) Showing them houses so they can “just watch”. We pay hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars for these leads every month, and it's really annoying when people just ask, with no intent to buy. Under the new rules, we can request a qualification letter or proof of funds, ”says Taylord475996e6d.

5. Clients should check police records in their area if they are concerned.

“In my state, we follow the caveat emptor principle, also known as buyer be careful. So yes, google it. I don’t do this as it can become a big responsibility if I miss something. I advise clients to personally check the local police records, as well as the list of sex offenders in the area if they have concerns, ”recommends Imashes

6. Sit in the car for a long time with the engine off and just listen to what is happening on the street.

“Is it noisy here? It may sound strange, but you don't buy a car that sounds like a wreck, ”says peteandroger.

7. Realtors should report if there are corpses on the grounds ... which we know about.

“At least what we were told! If the current landlord hasn't told us about it, we are not obligated to disclose the information, ”says Taylord475996e6d.

8. Agents regularly fall prey to fake clients.

“This is a very dangerous job. I always require new clients to meet me at my office first or send me a copy of their passport. I inform them that this will be registered in my office to ensure that we are safe during meetings and screenings. Being alone with strangers in an empty house is number one on the list of things we were taught to never do when we were kids, ”says Imashes.

9. And many realtors and agents wear pepper spray and stun guns because of this.

“I was in a meeting with a realtor one day and the seller told me that he didn’t expect me to show potential buyers how to have a good time in the master bedroom to sell the house faster. He also made a comment about the bikini show at home. I immediately left this meeting and did not return his calls again. For this reason, we all have pepper spray and stun guns, ”says the realtor.

10. When buying a home, don't borrow more money than you can afford. Do not.

Mortgage calculator "Google". Plan to spend no more than half of your net monthly income (after taxes and retirement contributions). Work backward from that number to figure out how much you can borrow. This is your ceiling, not your floor, ”says the realtor.

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11. If you ever need a good handyman, electrician, roofer, or anything else related to your home, seek advice from a real estate agent.

“We have connections with all the best and most approachable people in this area in the city who we know will come and do a good job,” says Taylord475996e6d.

12. If you are selling your home, be sure to install CCTV cameras.

“If your home is up for sale and you still have things in it, I recommend installing indoor cameras. Even with an agent who follows people during screenings, I have seen people looking for personal belongings, ”says Taylord475996e6d.

13. Be sure to hire a professional real estate photographer.

“When I see bad photos for an ad, I immediately know that the agent is either new, cheap, or terrible to work with. You want this cute, cuddly wide-angle lens, vibrant colors and lighting that makes every space look open and inviting, ”recommends Imashes.

14. See what a house can be, not what it is.

“Many houses are in the process of being renovated, so look not only at how things are working now, but look at what it can become. Paint and fittings can be changed and renewed. Even some walls can be moved, ”says the realtor.

15. When trying to sell, don't miss out on anything you don't want people to see.

“In particular, take away your drugs. We know who owns the house, and if we see it, we are obliged to inform the management company or the owner about it, ”says the real estate agent.

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16. Don't buy the most luxurious home in a normal neighborhood. Buy a normal home in a good neighborhood.

“It is better for the value of your home to increase at the expense of the neighborhood than it does reduce it,” warns the realtor.

17. “Make a commute before buying a house. A half hour drive can be 2 hours at rush hour, ”warns tinyevilsponges
18. First google the address and see if there are any news articles.

“This is a feature home in a lovely area that's significantly cheaper than everything else around it, maybe because the previous owner killed his wife and kids in the master bedroom. If that doesn't bother you, fine, but for some people it is a violation of the deal, ”says grammeofsoma.

19. Beware of online descriptions that say something like "cozy home with countless possibilities ... or build your dream home!"

"The Build Your Dream Home snippet is a code that means" this house is such a wreck that the land is probably worth more than the house to renovate. " Do not visit this property unless you are serious about starting from scratch and building your own home. Mold, plumbing problems, pests, sanitation problems are common in these cases, and they are often impossible to fix, ”warns grammeofsoma.

20. One of the most common mistakes is to get legal advice from a realtor instead of calling a lawyer before signing the contract.

“By the time it comes to a lawyer, it’s too late for anything other than compensation (at best) or litigation (at worst),” hassh warns.

“We can advise on certain contractual and real estate issues, but that's about it. We are constantly asked about financial issues and responsibilities. A lot of realtors in my industry advise on when they shouldn't, ”Resevordg says.

21. Realtors get their hands dirty.

“On TV, they pretend that all realtors dress, show at home and talk on the phone. In real life, I do a lot of dirty hands-on work all the time to get the house ready for sale. I always check things in the house and make them work, ”says Taylord475996e6d.

22. Pretentious people wanting to buy a house much cheaper is a thing.

“People wanting to buy a house worth a million for two kopecks are not uncommon. They call and try to tell you what you are doing wrong or why the house will never sell. They're just trying to get you to move up in price or be more willing to accept a low cost offer, ”Taylord475996e6d says.

23. Realtors cannot tell you if a home is in a “good” school area.

“We can only direct you to where you can see the statistics for yourself,” says 2Recalcitrant4U.

24. Beware of cat owners.

“It's amazing how bad some cat owners are to clean their homes before a show. Our practice is that we ask the owner to take the cat with him (so that it does not slip out into the street when someone enters / exits) and we ask them to empty the litter box. I came before the show and found full toilets, cat vomit on the rug, or fur balls all over the house. I always take the cleaning kit after the cats with me to any house where they are, ”says Achasse02.

25. Don't believe everything people comment on Facebook.

“People who haven't been to the house or don't know the market or local property prices LOVE embedding their two kopecks in the comments on Facebook. I work close to the coast, and I am surprised when people write, “Oh, it must be floods. Nobody should buy this house, it's a waste of money. Check the flood maps to see if it's in the flood zone. My answer is that the house has been there for 50 years and has never seen water, ”says Taylord475996e6d.

26. “The insurance policy is worth it. You buy it only once, no matter how many times you loaned the property, ”says the agent.

27. Bring a tape measure and a blank sheet of paper. Measure the rooms.

“Will your furniture match the bedrooms? People can furnish a home with small furniture to make the room appear larger, ”warns MTLRGST_II.

28. Always get prior approval.

“I know a lot of people who make an offer before they know that the bank is ready to lend them a purchase. You are losing property to others looking to buy a home who can pay for their offer, and you are wasting time not doing it, ”says Surullian.

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29% of agents do about 10% of the business.

“Getting a real estate license is relatively easy — in most states in the US it's a 100-hour course followed by a 60-question multiple choice exam — but the workload and competition really means being a productive agent and making any money. But this is extremely difficult. Most licensed real estate agents leave the industry within the first two years after being licensed, and only half of them ever sell at least one home, ”says Npk369.

30. The work of a real estate agent requires certain costs.

“The job of a real estate agent, especially a realtor (which is a trademarked professional organization that you have to pay for separately from obtaining a license) is expensive. Between licensing fees, realtor fees, MLS fees, sharing fees with brokerage services and marketing materials, it's pretty hard to even make a living as an agent, let alone get rich, ”laments Npk369.

31. “The best time to buy is when you're ready. You can't count the time in the market, ”says Markymaze.
32. Don't get emotional when buying a home.

“Remember that this is, first of all, a business deal. When you get emotional, you become irrational, ”warns MTLRGST_II.

33. Finally, it seems obvious, but if the agent shows your house, don't be there.

“I can't tell you how many times I have met the owners of the house in their underwear in the middle of the day, watching Game of Thrones on the couch!” Says the realtor.

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