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Why Airplane Seats Are So Uncomfortable and How a Passenger Can Make the Flight Comfortable

Everyone loves to travel, but it is not always possible to do it comfortably. A travel expert shared tips on how to make airplane seats more comfortable during a flight. Read more about this publication Daily Star.

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Aircraft seats are made small to allow airlines to fit more passengers on any given flight, are poorly cushioned to reduce aircraft weight, and legroom is kept to a minimum to accommodate more passengers, experts say.

However, fortunately, there are ways to avoid discomfort on the plane and enjoy a smoother journey.

Jessica Davies of Seat to Sleep, a company dedicated to improving the comfort of children on airplanes, shared her tips and tricks for creating comfort on an airplane.

Invest in a good headrest

There are many benefits to taking a good headrest with you on the plane. It provides more cushioning and your neck is in a more natural position.

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Consider a travel nest for your child

If your kids don't like flying, and they're not alone, you have the opportunity to improve your child's travel experience.

Consider purchasing an inflatable lightweight pillow for your baby to rest on. It adapts to adult aircraft seats creating a comfortable seat for children - supporting their head and neck.

It can be used throughout the entire flight or just during takeoff and landing, making this pillow the perfect choice.

Don't cross your legs

Crossing your legs reduces blood flow, making you feel less comfortable and tense. Be sure to move as much as possible.

Use a massage ball

A massage ball may seem like something out of the ordinary for flying, but it can really work wonders, especially on long journeys.

Your muscles tense during the flight, and if you put massage balls behind your back while sitting, which you can simply put behind your back when sitting, they will relax them.

Bring a travel blanket

A travel blanket can be used in a variety of ways. Most obviously, of course, it will help keep you warm, as airplanes are notoriously cold. However, it is possible to roll up travel blankets and use them as cushioning pads or even pillows.

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recline the seat

Reclining the seat can be useful not only at night, but also during the day. It just gives you more room to stretch your back and relieve neck pain.

Take a window seat

If you are the type who feels especially uncomfortable sitting upright, then a window seat is really the best place for you. They have more flexibility, you have the opportunity to lean your head against the wall, and if you finally get comfortable, you will not be asked to move over by those who need to use the restroom.

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