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Why some are given a visa and others not: an anonymous interview with a visa center employee

Why is it easy for some to get visas, while others are denied? Is it possible to give a bribe at the visa center so that the decision is definitely in your favor? How to trick the embassy? - about this and much more on the basis of anonymity Club "My Planet" said the specialist of the visa center.

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How to check documents for a visa

Customer papers go through various stages of verification. My duty is to make sure that the necessary documents are available, that the data in the questionnaire and the passport are the same. The embassy will not see whether the data converges with a passport or not, they verify the identity of the applicant. For example, Schengen has a common electronic base of offenses. Suppose I was in Belgium, crossed the road to a red light, because of me there was an accident. A year later I gathered in Germany and was refused: because, being in the territory of the country of the Schengen Agreement, I violated its rules.

How thoroughly checked depends on the embassy of the country and on the specific visa officer. Most often, of course, no one calls to work to find out if you did not lie in the questionnaire, but anything is possible. The United States and the United Kingdom are particularly careful. In the questionnaire for the American embassy, ​​there are two sheets of questions like: “Have you ever participated in terrorist operations?”, “Did you sell drugs?”, “Did you transport human organs across the border?”.

Or here's the UK. My brother decided to visit his girlfriend when she was studying there. When filing the documents, he indicated that he was not married. Two years later, they got married with something, and planning the next trip to this country, my brother wrote in the questionnaire that they had been married for three years. The embassy raised past documents, checked dates and banned him from entering the country for 10 years for providing false information.

About the severity of the rules

In the visa application center - work under the cameras. In addition to security, this provides enforcement control. For example, in CC, bribes are strictly prohibited. In any form. It comes to the ridiculous: when they want to thank you with a chocolate, you have to explain that you have no right to accept even such a harmless gift.

But there is a solution: ask to leave the chocolate on the window - let it lie there until the end of the working day, and then pick it up. Harder to the New Year, when travel agencies with whom we work closely, carry packages of champagne, fruit, candy. They bring, and I: “See, we have a Christmas tree standing there? If you forget a package under it, no one will notice. ”

Mobile phones, any gadgets cannot be used on the territory of the visa center. In the American Embassy, ​​the rules are stricter - they cannot even be carried inside. At the entrance you can see the following picture: the stand is littered with headphones, flash drives ... When you signed up for an interview, a confirmation comes to the post office - there is a big paragraph where all the rules are described in detail, but the number of people at the stand does not decrease.

The severity of documentary requirements depends not so much on diplomatic relations as on the location of the country, on whom it borders on and how far away it is. For example, when Romania received the right to let people in on Schengen visas, it did it without any restrictions. And a stream from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova went to Europe through Romania ... Then the Romanians realized what was the matter, and now their embassy has some of the strictest rules.

There are countries for which to obtain a visa it is enough to submit a minimum set of documents - this is Spain, France, the Czech Republic. With Germany and Belgium more difficult. Belgium is extremely cautious about giving visas, since they have very cool social programs in the country. They all see potential immigrants who want to use them.

How to cheat the embassy

According to the Schengen Agreement, you can open a visa only in the embassy of the country to which you are entering. Many people ignore this: “I will receive a Spanish visa, and will go through it to Germany.” Someone gets away with it, but it is likely that the fraud will emerge, and the next time the embassy will refuse without giving a reason.

The only exception is when a longer stay is planned in another country.

Another popular way to cheat is to cancel a hotel reservation after obtaining a visa. Once, the Czechs realized that they were encircling their fingers. And in the very season, on New Year's Eve, they canceled a visa to everyone who canceled the reservation. Such an instructive moment. But meticulous in all matters, the UK has a simpler attitude to it - plans have changed for people with whom it does not happen.

In fact, the embassy is very easy to fool. For example, you can draw insurance in Power point - who will check whether it is real or not? Not all embassies require insurance to be stamped, some generally accept electronic ones. I downloaded an example of insurance, changed the names and dates in the “editor”, applied for a visa. But the responsibility for this will be on you.

Of course, this behavior is not provided in any Western country. There, everyone knows that you need to follow the rules, and this makes life much easier. It does not occur to them that they can argue differently.

About forums and "aunts who sell tours"

There are no pitfalls described on the forums. There is a clear algorithm that is described on the website of the embassy: if you follow it, nothing can go wrong. I don’t believe when they say that the embassy “suddenly” refused: a person obviously himself was mistaken somewhere, and he has no choice but to explain his fault with cavils.

Russian people are very prone to panic. Somehow, a technical glitch occurred at the US embassy - they suspended the processing of documents. After the announcement in Yandex, there was a flurry of calls from the series: “Will they never give us a visa again?”. When Russia's relations with the West began to change, nothing changed in the visa sphere. As issued a visa, and issue. No one asks at the interview: "Do you like Crimea?".

Same with travel agencies. My friend and I, who recently received a refusal from Belgium, and I gathered in Spain - the easiest country to get a visa. It so happened that we went to the agency. There was a classic "aunty who sells tours." Hearing about Belgium, she was alarmed: “Suddenly, they will again refuse you ?! We have to come up with something! Or maybe not Spain? Let's go to a visa-free country? ” I had already worked for quite a long time and understood that this was complete heresy.

About complaints, threats and dictates of the embassy

Scandals are, of course. Especially when you report that there is a high probability of failure. Some simply do not want to allow such an opportunity. In fact, we are forbidden to talk about refusal: it is considered pressure. But if there is an opportunity to correct something else in the documents, it’s better to say it right away, right?

People are different. We had a Bulgarian Visa Application Center over the wall. The guys, before leaving the hall, removed the badges, because there are sometimes very specific customers. They did not like something, they will look at your name: “I will, Vasya, then I will find you!”.

Somehow the client made a scandal. An embassy staff member who happened to be in the Computing Center approached her and said: “You can turn around and leave. No one will accept your documents. ” Do you even scold with a man in the window, no one will depart from the rules. Everything is decided by the embassy, ​​no one is above it.

Where it is easier to get a long visa

There are no general rules, there are trends. For example, the French Embassy: if you go for the first time, they give you a visa for the date of travel, the second for a few months, the third for a year, the fourth for three years. They say about Finland that residents of St. Petersburg can easily get a visa for five years. Spain is quite easy to get for a year, if before that you already had a Schengen.

And some countries do not care how many times you had them. A lot of businessmen and medical workers go to Germany. They can fly there at least every month and everyone is waiting: “When will they give me a longer period?”. Sooner or later they will, but it is difficult to predict.

At the same time, if there is confirmation that you will be entering the same country in two months, you will most likely be given one visa for two trips at once. But for this you need to show evidence - tickets, booking.

How to behave at the interview

At the interview, it all depends on which visa officer you get on. One is interested in family history, the other - earnings, the third - what will you do. When you go to any interview, it is important to be as relaxed as possible, not to be nervous and think what you answer.

Ultimately, the goal of all questions is to see if you are going to stay. After all, the most terrible for the country is illegal immigrants.

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