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'I sat out, but I won't just leave': Lukashenko spoke about the situation in Belarus, Putin and Poroshenko

The President of Belarus in an interview with Russian state TV channels said that if his power falls, problems could begin in Russia itself. The main topic of conversation was the situation in Belarus, opposition protests against election fraud and repression against opponents of the president, writes Air force.

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Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to Russia Today editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, Channel One correspondent Anton Vernitsky, editor-in-chief of Moscow Says radio Roman Babayan and Russia-1 host Yevgeny Rozhkov.

The conversation between the president and journalists is given out in certain portions, and recently Lukashenko's press service published two episodes in which they talk about Vladimir Putin and the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Russia will fall for Belarus

“You know what we came to with the Russian leadership - if Belarus collapses today, then Russia will be next,” Lukashenka said.

For everything that is bad in his country, he blamed globalization, the Internet and Telegram channels.

Because of them, Russia will allegedly get problems if Lukashenka does not stay in his chair.

“I talked with my older brother, Putin. I warned him that this cannot be resisted. How to resist Telegram channels? Do you have the ability to block? No, even among those who invented all this web - the Americans, ”Lukashenka insists.

At the same time, he said from his own experience that even turning off the Internet would not help fight them.

"I would act like Poroshenko"

Separately, Lukashenka reflected on his ability to leave power. And he hinted that he could do this if he had a fortune like the fifth president of Ukraine.

“If I had several billions in my pocket, I would have acted like Poroshenko. Hardly, but sometimes I think so. But I don't have these billions, ”Aleksandr Lukashenko complained.

Petro Poroshenko lost the presidential elections in spring 2019 to Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the second round of elections.

Poroshenko is one of the richest businessmen in Ukraine. He owns a number of assets and the world's most famous confectionery corporation Roshen.

After losing the election, Poroshenko leads the opposition European Solidarity Party and is a member of parliament.

Lukashenka is convinced that if he left power now, “the whole system would collapse and Belarus would follow.”

“Someday I will leave, but I will not allow them to destroy what we have created with generations of people,” Lukashenka added.

According to official data, Alexander Lukashenko won the presidential elections on August 9 with a score of over 80%. The data of parallel calculations indicate that Lukashenko could have lost to the oppositionist Svetlana Tikhanovskaya by a huge lag. A few days after the elections, she was forced to leave the country.

Until now, hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets of the country to protest against the actions of the authorities.

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"I sat out a little, but ..."

In an interview, Lukashenka, who has been the sole leader of the country for a quarter of a century, agreed that he "may have sat out a little" in his place. True, in this case it does not mean at all that Lukashenka is ready to leave his post, writes Air force.

“Yes, maybe I sat out a little. Perhaps they show me not only from the TV, but also from the iron and kettle. But only now I can defend Belarus, - he told Russian journalists. - I just won't leave. I have been equipping Belarus for a quarter of a century. I won't just give it up. Moreover, if I leave, my supporters will be cut! ”

He did not specify who exactly now protects Belarus, which for several weeks in a row has been going to mass protests, demanding new elections and the resignation of Lukashenka himself.

The President of Belarus added that he is ready to reform the Constitution, after which he “does not rule out” the holding of early presidential elections.

Lukashenka talked about changing the Constitution before. Then he argued that he "got hold of" and wants to leave to his successor the Constitution, which will redistribute powers between the branches of government. True, he said this more than a year ago, and during this time the work on the new text of the basic law has not advanced very far. In June 2020, Lukashenko said that it would take two years to prepare a new Constitution.

Kolesnikova was "detained correctly"

Lukashenka also commented on the situation with the oppositionist Maria Kolesnikova. Member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council Kolesnikova disappeared on the morning of Monday, September 7, nothing was known about her whereabouts for a long time, but on the morning of Tuesday, September 8, the state departments of Belarus began to report that Kolesnikova allegedly tried to illegally leave the territory of the republic, she was detained at the border ...

At the same time, sources of "Interfax-Ukraine" reported that they tried to take Kolesnikov out of the territory of Belarus by force, but to prevent this from happening, she tore her passport.

The version of Interfax sources is largely confirmed by other stories that happened to the opposition leaders. In a similar way, for example, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a presidential candidate, was taken out of the country.

Tikhanovska herself had also repeatedly said before that that she was not going to leave the country, but her associates explained that she was simply not given a choice. Tikhanovskaya's colleague Olga Kovalkova was removed from the country in a similar way.

Lukashenko said during an interview that Kolesnikova allegedly wanted to escape to Ukraine, where her sister lives.

“She was detained correctly,” Lukashenka said.

Maria Kolesnikova's father, after Lukashenko's words, said that his daughter never wanted to escape to Ukraine or anywhere else: “Maria always repeated:“ Dad, no matter what happens, I will be in Belarus ”. This was her principled position. " Alexander Kolesnikov said that there is still no connection with his daughter.

"There were bruises, but ..."

Journalists asked Lukashenka about harsh detentions at protests after the elections.

According to Yevgeny Rozhkov, a VGTRK correspondent, Lukashenka said that one cannot blame the riot police “because they defended the country from a blitzkrieg”.

“Regarding the beating, of course, they also asked what it was, including the journalists. He said that these were the first hot emotions of that time. The riot police cannot be blamed here, according to him, because they have protected the country from a blitzkrieg. and indeed, then they defended the country, this is his real opinion. And there were bruises [with the use of force], and he will deal with everyone, he promised us this. Especially with cases of beatings of journalists, including Russian ones, ”said Rozhkov.

Those detained at protests in Belarus were ill-treated in police vehicles, prisons and police departments. One of the detainees later told the BBC Russian Service: “They [the security forces] put a grenade in my pants and ran away. Then they came back and said that I ****** [became insolent], they started beating me again. They beat me in the groin, beat me in the face, and ordered to carry the backpack in my teeth. While we were going to the paddy wagon, they continued to hit me in the face with their hands. If I dropped my backpack, they beat me. My teeth are chipped now. ”

Another detainee stated: “For an hour and a half we stood with our heads bowed on our knees in front of a concrete fence. There were stones, my knees are still blue. If someone was indignant, they beat him. One man shouted that he was an FSB officer. He was surrounded, given to the solar plexus, his men were kneaded with clubs for five. The reporter from Russia was beaten, he shouted to the point of horror. They beat me for any question. "

There are dozens of such stories - especially from those detained who were sent to the detention center on Akrestsin Street. When people started to let go, many could not walk on their own, they needed medical help, people were taken to the hospital in ambulances.

By the way, Russian journalists in Minsk not only asked questions, but also gave interviews themselves. For example, Roman Babayan decided to express his own opinion on the situation in Belarus: “We met with the President of Belarus, he absolutely correctly said:“ You must clearly understand that those who are doing all this do not need us, but you. ” This refers to Russia. Striking a blow to Belarus, they strike a blow to Russia. I absolutely agree with him. "

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“I will not talk to the Coordination Council”

Lukashenka said that he would not talk to the Coordination Council, created by the opposition, "because he does not know who these people are."

But Lukashenka knows for sure at least a few members of the council's presidium. For example, Svetlana Aleksievich, whom he congratulated on being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2015. And also Pavel Latushko, the former Minister of Culture of the country.

The members of the Coordination Council themselves have repeatedly said that they tried to establish a dialogue with the authorities, but no one began to communicate with them. But on the fact of the creation of the council, a criminal case was opened - the Prosecutor General's Office said that the council was created with the aim of "seizing power and causing harm to the national security" of the country.

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