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Moving to America: what to take with you

The only real stress (for me) when moving was packing my bags. “Everything that has been acquired by overwork” must be sorted out and taken away with a minimum. In our case, we could take 6 suitcases with us (the company paid for +4 suitcases), and 2 carry-on luggage. You can, of course, bother with sending goods, but we decided to just take some of the things gradually, as we visit the country from which we left.

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I will share some thoughts about what is worth carrying, and what is not, and on what basis to sort.

Absolutely all things need to be broken into these categories:

  1. Throw out - this is certainly better to do with everything that cannot be donated or donated somewhere, that is, completely with rubbish.
  2. Donate or donate. In fact, old clothes are always needed by charities, very bad ones by animal shelters.
  3. sell something that cannot be taken away and do not want to donate, if there is time and desire for this - a good idea, it will add small extra funds to the budget for the move.
  4. Take immediately - remember that our export options are limited, this category is the smallest of all.
  5. Leave until better times. If there is someone to keep what you want to take out, but does not burn. It's a great idea - save that for later.

Let's talk more about the category 4. Take immediately:

  1. Clothes and shoes.I advise you not to carry a lot of clothes. Take something original, valuable to you. It makes no sense to drag heaps of T-shirts, jeans. All this is bought here, much cheaper, better quality. Shoes are a separate topic: they take up a lot of space, weigh more. It is ideal to take only what is appropriate for the season, or something very valuable to you. It is easier to take away clothes using vacuum bags.

Conveniently saves space in the suitcase.

  1. Appliances. FORGET! It makes no sense to carry it (even a hairdryer) - all this in America will not work, there are not just other sockets, there is a different voltage. Feel free to send all equipment in categories 2 and 3.
  2. Gadgets, all that will work here with an adapter, you can take. But again, remember that the equipment here is modern and at an affordable price.
  3. Russian books - this case should be classified either in category 4 or 5. There is a problem with this. We brought in a certain number of children's books and are planning to bring more.
  4. Food. Do not think about it, everything is there. In addition, if you carry food, it must be declared.
  5. Medicines. In many blogs I saw horror stories from the category: “Bring a suitcase of medicines with you! guard! here everything is according to recipes. " I would say this: if there is something special that you take regularly, then take it with you for the first time. Then go to the doctor (because if you drink something regularly, without a doctor in any way), they will give you a prescription for it. Everything else is in bulk, everything is sold everywhere and without recipes. Conclusion: you are not going to an uninhabited island.
  6. Bed linen / towels. Well, it's clear that you won't be lucky with pillows and blankets. And it is not worth taking separate sets of linen with the expectation of buying pillows and blankets for them here - there are completely different formats. It makes sense to take a towel only if you have 1 set, the rest will be bought.
  7. Kitchenware. It makes no sense to carry, if only one device per person well, just for the first few days. Because it is all heavy and without any problems is acquired here.
  8. Something important to you. Let's call it that. These are photos, souvenirs, various little things - if they are valuable to you - take them, they help create an atmosphere at home and relieve stress when parting with them. Well, or if there is no room at all, then remember about category 5.
  9. Kids toys. Definitely NO! Here they are full, they are very interesting and cool. You can take only a couple of the most beloved.
  10. Money. Needed 🙂 You will need to fill the apartment you are renting from scratch - you need to buy VERY, VERY much. You don’t even think about it right away, but the more you buy, the more you understand how much is necessary in everyday life, to which we are accustomed and do not immediately remember about it. More than 10 thousand dollars must be declared, but this is just a message of the fact: I am carrying so much.
  11. Documentation. Of course, anything that may be needed, carry and keep scans somewhere on the disks, can be useful.
  12. Good mood! - remember, all difficulties are surmountable!

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