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The Pentagon suspected a Russian ship of spying on US submarines

OIS "Yantar" Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

OIS "Yantar".
Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

US intelligence ships, aircraft and satellites are closely monitoring the movements of the Russian research vessel Yantar, which cruised near the US naval base with nuclear submarines Kings Bay. According to the Pentagon, the ship can study the routes of American submarines, reports The Washington Free Beacon... The fact that the appearance of "Yantar" worried the Pentagon, writes and Fox News.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Americans have been following the Yantar ship since late August, when it sailed from the North Atlantic towards Cuba. The vessel was sighted about 300 miles off the coast of the United States, according to a senior military official.

Another source told Fox News that the Pentagon is also tracking another Russian research vessel in international waters. When asked if such US spy ships are located off the coast of Russia, a senior official said: “Of course, but what do you think all these 'oceanographic ships' are doing? Are they studying whales? "

US Department of Defense officials believe Yantar is collecting intelligence about underwater sensors and other equipment used on American submarines. One of Russia's newest military research ships, launched earlier this year, is part of a major strategic intelligence operation in Moscow aimed at studying US nuclear submarines, missile carriers and other targets, according to intelligence analysts.

A Pentagon official told reporters that the ship is under close surveillance as it is equipped with a deep-sea tracking system and equipment for cutting cables. According to the US military department, in addition to submarines, "Yantar" can also study the transatlantic underwater cable system.

According to sources, the main object of the study program set for Yantar is the DoDIN information network of the Pentagon. Having received details about its functioning, Russia will provide itself with an important advantage in the face of confrontation with the West, according to the military department. In addition, information on the system of submarine communication cables can help the Russians choose new methods of waging so-called hybrid warfare, combining traditional military capabilities with cyberattack techniques, analysts believe.

In early August, the media reported that the Yantar ship entered the Atlantic Ocean to test deep-sea descent vehicles. The Pentagon, meanwhile, officially announced that the military department was aware of the Russian ship.

“We respect the right of all countries to use warships in international waters in accordance with international law,” the Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Oceanographic research vessel “Yantar” is the lead vessel of project 22010 developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau “Almaz”. The ship, built at the Baltic shipyard of the same name, was laid down on July 8, 2010, on the day of the 65th anniversary of the shipyard. In honor of this anniversary date, the ship was given the name of the enterprise.

In May 2015, Yantar was transferred to the Russian Navy. As the head of the Main Directorate of Deep-Sea Research of the Ministry of Defense, Vice-Admiral Alexei Burilichev, said then, the ship is unique in its capabilities, and in some parameters surpasses its foreign counterparts. The ship's displacement is 5,2 thousand tons, length 108,1 m, width - 17,2 m.

Let us remind you that in April 2014, during the period of a sharp aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis, the Pentagon was concerned about the two Russian vessels, the Viktor Leonov reconnaissance ship and the Nikolai Chiker rescue tug, discovered not far from the Florida coast.

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