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American passenger brought a microphone on board and began to lecture other travelers: video of the incident went viral

The uncontrolled behavior of passengers on planes goes viral due to the pandemic, reports nypost.

Photo: Shutterstock

Armed with a microphone headset and a bloated ego, the unnamed woman is gaining traction with over 1,9 million social media views for disrupting a commercial flight due to her unsolicited weekend reflections on COVID-19.

“I brought my microphone, I'm going to use it,” insisted this strange passenger on the plane, whose chaotic antics were filmed and published by singer Jawny.

The pop musician wrote in her trending TikTok, which got the funny nickname "Hooligan in the air" ("Karens in the Air"), that "We are now in the air" and "I bought Wi-Fi in flight to publish this."

Jawny did not respond to The Post's request for comment. But the video shows flight attendants trying to stop an annoying woman wearing a white button-down blouse, navy blue trousers and a bright cravat from giving an unauthorized lecture about the pandemic by threatening to handcuff her.

“Are you going to handcuff me? The brunette shouted as one of the flight crew ran for the restraint. “I don’t need handcuffs. I'm completely harmless. "

The unruly speaker then noted that her attractiveness gave her the right to arrange a transcendental scene.

“I think you all love it because I’m not scared to look at,” she said in response to shouts and irritated sighs from other passengers, who also accused her of “wanting attention.”

Despite protests from the entire plane, the woman continued to speculate about the pandemic, claiming that the COVID outbreak began as a result of the "Internet" and the overuse of "stupid [electronic] devices."

But after a few seconds of ranting, the flight attendants took the woman back to her seat, letting her pick up her carry-on baggage for the dog, and then detained her at the back of the plane.

“My dog ​​is more intelligent than any of you,” she said as she was being led away from the captive audience. "Actually, my dog ​​could be the best God for you people."

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TikTok watchers went to Jawny's comments section with jokes about the woman who gave a mid-flight performance.

“The no-fly list would be so long it would look like a CVS receipt,” one person joked that the erratic behavior of the passengers could prevent her from ever flying again.

“Nowadays, flights have become like a New York subway ride on a normal day,” said another man, comparing the sight to the “performances” that usually happen on transit trips to the Big Apple.

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While the identity of the woman is unknown.

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