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The memory of the victims of the tragedy in the gay club Orlando will be immortalized


Various events in memory of the victims of the Orlando shooting were organized at festivals and gay pride parades in the United States and other countries (pictured is a parade in Wilton Mainors, Florida). Photo: Rafael Apriam

Guide gay club Pulse, which in June were killed xnumx people, announced the start of work on the installation of the monument to the dead. In addition, as reported, the nightclub will soon open again to visitors.

On Monday, as reported on the Pulse Club page Facebook49 days have passed since the tragedy.

The monument is planned to be placed on the site of the tragedy, which was the bloodiest incident with shooting in US history. In addition to the 49 dead, another 53 man was injured after attacking a gay club Omar Matin opened fire.

Later, the criminal was killed by the police as a result of an operation to free hostages who remained at the club.

One Pulse said in a special statement that the foundation hopes to “provide financial assistance to the victims of the tragedy” and “do whatever it takes to help create the monument.”

The official date of opening of the monument is not reported.

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