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He won the dog from the alligator: in Florida, a man fought with a reptile because of a pet

One of the inhabitants of Florida saved his dog from the alligator by pulling it from the mouth of the reptile. Writes about it Fox News.

Photo: Shutterstock

Trent Tweeddale walked in the morning with his 6-year-old dog Loki at his farm in Wesley Chepel, Pasco County (Florida), on Monday, June 8, when the rescue dog “became forepaws in the water” and was attacked by an alligator almost 13 feet long ( 4 m).

Tweeddale, a former army staff sergeant, fought with an alligator for his dog.

“I grabbed the dog collar to try to pull it back, and then the tug of war with the reptile began, but the alligator would not let go,” he said. "I let go of the collar, jumped into the water and started hitting the alligator on the head until it finally released the dog."

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As a result of the fight, Twiddale cost minor scratches, while Loki was left without a front paw, and he needed an emergency operation.

“When I pulled the dog back out, there was a bone visible,” Tweeddale said. - He had metal plates and screws inserted. Hopefully after that Loki will be able to fully use his paws. "

Now Tweeddale is determined to trap the intruder reptile - he set a trap with the help of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service.

“The trap had no bait, so I grabbed one of my cocks and we used it as bait,” he explained. “I love my dog ​​very much, and I will fight for it with all my might.”

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