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Registration for the DV-2022 green card lottery has opened: where and how to participate

Online registration for the Diversity Visa Program 2022 (DV-2022) lottery began on October 7, 2020 at 12:00 PM ET (EST) and will run until November 10, 2020 at 12:00 PM ET. ForumDaily reminds you where and how to fill out an application and what to do next.

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You can fill out the form exclusively on the website (earlier it was called both are safe).

Please note that the site must have the .gov extension, as sometimes scammers create fake sites with the .net, .com and others extensions.

Remember that participation in the lottery is free. You should not pay for registration, nor for filling out the questionnaire, or for anything else until you win. It is also strongly recommended not to use the services of intermediaries: the questionnaire is simple, accessible even for people with a minimum level of English, filling takes about 20 minutes.

As soon as you start filling out the form, you will have exactly 1 an hour to enter all the information. If you are late - you have to start over.

You must include your current spouses, even if you do not live together, with children up to 21. In addition, each spouse can fill out a questionnaire separately. Thus, the chances of winning the family will increase. For more information on how to indicate relatives in the questionnaire, read in material ForumDaily.

Here - English-language instruction for participation in the DV-2022 lottery.

IMPORTANT. In 2019, the USA introduced a new rule for submitting documents for participation in the green card lottery. Each applicant must indicate the number, series and validity period of your passport. Such an innovation has perplexed many residents of the countries of the former USSR, since the cost of a document is often not affordable for the middle class. Read more at this link.

Before filling out, check your eligibility for the lottery

Requirement No. 1: Applicants born in countries eligible to participate in the DV 2022 lottery are eligible to participate in the program.

If you were born in another country, there are two other cases where you can apply for a DV visa:

  • Were your spouse born in a country whose residents can participate in the lottery? If so, you can indicate in your application the country of birth of your spouse instead of your country of birth, provided that you and your spouse receive visas and enter the United States at the same time.
  • You were born in a country whose residents do not have the right to participate in the program, but not one of your parents was born in this country, nor was it a permanent resident at the time of your birth? If yes, then you can indicate that the country of origin is the country of birth of one of the parents, if the natives of the latter can take part in the DV-2022 lottery.

Requirement No. 2: Each applicant must meet the requirements of the DV program for education or qualifications.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent (in the United States, this means successful completion of the 12-year course in primary and secondary schools). Or to have two years of work experience over the past five years, and this is a labor activity, which requires at least two years of training or experience. The U.S. Department of State will use the U.S. Department of Labor database to determine eligibility requirements. O * net online.

Documentary evidence of education or work experience does not need to be attached to a registration application, but they will need to be shown to the consular officer during an interview for an immigration visa. If you are unable to prove education or work experience, your application will be disqualified even after winning.

Take a photo exactly as required

A new (i.e., captured within the last 6 months) digital photo or a new (i.e., captured within the last 6 months) photograph scanned with a digital scanner must comply with the composition and specifications set out below.

Before submitting an application, the sender can check the quality of the photo on the E-DV website by clicking on the “Photo Validator” link. The photo quality control program will help to identify discrepancies with technical requirements, as well as show examples of “right” and “wrong” photos. Do not submit an old photo. Submission of the same photo as in the previous year, as well as photos that have undergone any processing, will disqualify your application.

The photograph or digital image must be:

  • colored
  • focused
  • the size of the head (from the chin to the top of the head) in the photo should be between 22 mm and 35 mm, or 50% -
    69% of total snapshot size. Detailed information about the size of photos posted on Photo Composition Template
  • made in the last 6 months
  • made on a white or light neutral background
  • the person should look straight into the lens
  • facial expression should be neutral, both eyes open
  • the person in the photo should be dressed in casual clothes
  • the person in the photo should not be dressed in uniform, with the exception of religious clothes, which he wears daily
  • a person should be depicted without a hat, with the exception of religious clothing that he wears daily. The face should be completely open, and the headgear should not cover or obscure the face
  • headphones, wireless hands-free headsets and similar devices are not allowed in the photo
  • can not be photographed with glasses
  • if you use a hearing device or other similar items daily, they may be in your photo.

See sample photos on page Photo Requirements.

Photos that have been scanned from a driver’s license or from other official documents are not allowed. In addition, photographs from magazines, selfie photos, as well as those taken in photo shooters or a mobile phone camera, as well as full-length photographs, are not accepted.

During the application you will need to upload your photo. Your electronic image should be:

  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • Have a file size of no more than 240 kB (kilobytes)
  • Have an aspect ratio like a square (height is equal to width)
  • Resolution 600 × 600 pixels

If you want to scan a photo that you already have, in addition to the existing requirements, your photo should be:

  • 51 x 51 mm
  • scanned in 300 resolution in dots per inch (12 pixels per millimeter)

Pictures of children or babies

When photographing a child or baby in the photo there should be no unauthorized persons; the child should look straight into the camera and have open eyes.

  • Tip # 1: Lay the child on his back on a plain white or light-colored fabric. This will support the child’s head and have a solid background for the photo. Make sure that the child’s face is not shaded, especially if you are taking a photo, standing over the child, and the child is lying at this time.
  • Tip # 2: Cover the seat of the car with a plain white or light-colored cloth and take a picture
    baby in that chair. This will also support his head for the shot.

It is important not to miss your chance because of an annoying little thing - errors in the profile or the wrong photo. Photos when checking profiles are given HUGE Attention. How exactly the photos are checked and why you need to clearly follow the instructions, read in ForumDaily.

After you fill out the questionnaire and click the Submit button, you should receive a notification in which the confirmation number will be indicated. It must be preserved - without it, you won’t know whether you won the green card or not. Don’t settle if anyone offers to keep this information for you. You must also retain access to the email address provided when submitting the application.

On the subject: Winners of the DV 2020 lottery cannot get green cards: how many managed to get documents

Wait and see the results

Official notification of the winnings will be available on the website. under Entrant Status Check from 8 of May to 2021 to 30 of September to 2022 of the year. You will need a confirmation page number to access the Entrant Status Check section.

Checking the Entrant Status Check section will be the only means of obtaining information on the results of the lottery draw, on the procedure for further actions in case of a win, and on the appointment of the date and time of the interview for an immigrant visa. In order to utilize the full number of allocated visas, the Department of State may use the Entrant Status Check to notify additional winning applications beyond May 2021.

Important! Keep your confirmation number until the end of September 2022 in case you receive additional notices.

Web site (formerly is the Department of State's only official site for electronic filing and drawing verification. The Department of State will NOT send out winnings.

Recall that on September 30 next year, you can check the results of the DV-2021 green card lottery - this can also be done only on the official website of the lottery. ForumDaily wrote about the citizens of which countries won the most green cards in the DV-2021 lottery.

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