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Errors in the application form for the green card lottery, which can lead to visa denial

Many winners of the DV lottery are denied immigration visas every year due to errors in the application form when participating in the green card lottery, writes Acheampong & Associates.

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The most common ones are misspelling names, mistakes in dates and places of birth, incorrect photos, etc. Could these mistakes affect your chances of getting a visa?

The Diversity Visa program (green card lottery) rules state that applications that do not contain the required information or photographs will be rejected at the registration stage or disqualified later during processing or interviewing. Certain factors may affect your visa application. These include the nature of the error, how the consulate handles your case, the sufficiency of supporting evidence, and your trustworthiness.

The nature of the error

The error can be minor or major. For example, a missing or added letter to a name, or entering a date of birth in an incorrect format is considered insignificant. An example would be Emanuel instead of Emmanuel or Alberta instead of Albert. Some people confuse month and birthday when specifying a date. Someone writes with a mistake or typo the place of birth.

Provided that there is no suspicion of fraud after such errors, you, as a rule, will not have problems obtaining a visa if you have additional evidence to support the true data.

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Gross mistakes include a violation of the spelling of the name. If the person's name is “John Kofi Mensa”, he can enter “John” as the first name, “Kofi” as the middle name, and “Mensa” as the last name. In this case, it may turn out that in the passport his name is “John”, and as a surname - “Kofi Mensa”. It turns out that the person entered his middle name, which he does not have, and also made a mistake in his last name. This can be a serious mistake and lead to visa denial.

Other details include a completely wrong date of birth (different day, month, and year), wrong place of birth, or both. Inappropriate photographs usually lead to visa denial. If the consular officer determines that the photo in the application form is not yours, he may refuse to issue a visa.

The place where your case is considered

The seat of your case can also influence the outcome. Some consulates are more loyal than others. Consulates in regions with high levels of fraud are more strict and may reject applications for even minor errors.

Sufficiency of evidence

The consular officer may be more likely to accept your case if you provide additional evidence. For example, if there was a mistake in your name or date of birth, the birth certificate will be the main proof.

Your trustworthiness

The way you explain yourself will emphasize your authority. You must speak calmly and confidently. Explain that the error was accidental and that you misunderstood the question in the questionnaire. If you have additional evidence, please refer to it in your responses with links to specific documents and dates, if applicable.

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A mistake in your application form can be fatal to your chances of getting a DV visa. Always submit your application yourself and check it carefully for possible errors before submitting your application.

If you have already been selected as a winner, make sure to enter the correct information on Form DS-260 exactly as it appears on your documents.

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