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Omar Matin often visited the gay club Pulse.

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Afghan-born American Omar Matin, who shot the 49 man in the gay club Pulse in Orlando, was a regular at this place.

According to at least four witnesses, they repeatedly saw Matin getting drunk at the club. According to them, sometimes he went over so much with alcohol that he started to make a row.

Another witness said that about a year ago Matin offered to meet him through a mobile application for gay dating, but the meeting did not take place as a result.

Prior to that, the press was popular version, according to which Matin attacked the visitors of the gay club because of their sexual orientation.

The police also clarified the content of the statement made by Matin to the dispatcher of the 911 rescue service after the start of the shooting.

Earlier it was reported that he stated that he was acting on behalf of the Islamic State extremist group.

However, according to the latest reports, he also expressed support for the brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlane Tsarnaev, who organized the bombings in Boston in 2013, and one of the American suicide bombers working for Al-Qaeda.

IS and Al-Qaeda are recognized as terrorist organizations and are banned in many countries, including Russia. At the same time, it is known that they are at enmity with each other.

According to police, in 2013, Matin was interrogated after telling his colleagues that he was a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement. It is also at odds with IS and Al-Qaeda.

In this regard, investigators believe that Islamist propaganda on the Internet contributed to the radicalization of Matin, but he had no direct connection with extremists.

The shooting at the gay club Pulse in Orlando took place on June 12. Matin came to the club with a pistol and a multiple-shot rifle and opened fire on visitors.

In total, Matin managed to kill a 49 man and injure another 53, after which he himself was shot by a police special forces. Authorities qualified what happened as a terrorist attack.

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