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Overview of Russian online stores in America

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Immigration to the United States has many advantages, which everyone determines for themselves, depending on their personal situation, priorities and reasons for moving, but the disadvantage for most immigrants is common - nostalgia. Someone misses theatrical performances in their native language, concerts of Russian artists or going to the cinema, when what is said from the screen is 100% clear and you don't have to strain and remember the meaning of a particular slang expression in English. To cope with this kind of nostalgia, our calendar of events.

For many immigrants, shopping became a real test when there are no favorite Russian products from proven brands and familiar cosmetics on the shelves, the names of essential drugs have to be learned anew, since they do not coincide with their counterparts on the post-Soviet market, and the choice of Russian literature leaves much to be desired .

To help solve this problem, ForumDaily compiled a review of Russian online stores in America. As it turned out, there are a lot of such people in the USA, and they offer practically everything to their customers: from food and medicine familiar from childhood to books and films in their native language. But we have compiled a list of the best, selecting those that deliver throughout the United States, as well as discarding stores with a limited choice of products and those whose range has not been updated for a long time.

Russian Food Direct

Shop: Russian Food Direct


Delivery: Across the United States, free with purchases above $ 150 and weight up to 50 pounds.

Site Language: English Russian.

Pros: a huge selection of products, easy site navigation, discount coupons, free delivery, good customer service, a good selection of medical tools.

Cons: no significant drawbacks.

The store offers a wide selection of drinks and food for every taste: meat, seafood, baked goods, fresh vegetables and fruits, pastries, cheeses, sweets, baby food, healthy food and much more. Also on the site you can buy gift grocery baskets, consisting of different products with decorative dolls and painted wooden spoons in addition.

In addition, the store offers cosmetics (products for body care, hair, face, natural and essential oils, products for the sauna and bath, children's cosmetics), health products (herbs, biological additives, vitamins, traditional medicine); various gifts and souvenirs: decor, kitchen utensils and just cute and funny little things, among which, for example, dolls with minions. Well, if you can not choose a gift from a huge range of stores, there is an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate so that your relatives decide for themselves which of the Russian goods they miss the most and order them for themselves.

In the run-up to the Christmas holidays, bright Christmas-tree decorations, Russian-language calendars, soft toys and traditional for the post-Soviet countries New Year's Eve appeared on the site. sets of sweets with the image of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden on the package. One glance at them evokes a sweet feeling of a “native” New Year, but the taste will also delight you - the sets contain sweets produced in Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian confectionery factories.

Russian Food Direct presented in many social networks, where it is convenient to track news and promotions store. For example, Facebook page Not only tells about the products of the store, but also pleases with beautiful photos.

The site has the opportunity to live communication with the consultant. For residents of Manhattan, there is child site with free delivery and catering service events.

readership ForumDaily may receive an 20% discount on all products at the time of the first order, using the FORUM-D promo code.


Shop: Apte4ka


DeliveryA: throughout the US, free with a purchase amount above $ 50.

Site Language: English Russian Ukrainian.

Pros: a huge selection of products, easy site navigation, discounts and promotions, free delivery, a blog with tips for personal care and a healthy lifestyle.

Cons: no significant drawbacks.

The store offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic products: medicines in different forms, vitamins and dietary supplements, ointments and gels, cosmetics and hygiene products of dozens of brands, natural oils, weight loss products, SPA products, herbal products, and health products for mothers for the child, herbal tea, warming accessories, as well as warm linen of angora and medical equipment.

The buyer can find in this store medicines for the treatment of various conditions, for the convenience of finding drugs on the site are divided into categories: venotonic, painkillers, gynecological, diabetic, gastrointestinal, for skin diseases, blood diseases, for weight control, hair treatment, treatment hemorrhoids, treatment of herpes, ENT (ear-nose-throat), genitourinary system, male health, nootropic drugs, for the musculoskeletal system, ophthalmology, memory and attention, first aid, antiseptics, for the liver, bile nnye, increase immunity against colds and flu, allergy, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic, cardiovascular, cholesterol lowering, dentistry, sedatives.

In addition, the site works blog with tips for a healthy lifestyle and beauty.

There you can find recipes of masks for hair, face and body, ways of losing weight with the help of algae, as well as tips on how to protect yourself and your family from a cold, relieve stress or cheer up.

The site has a permanent heading where products are placed on which discounts are currently valid.

You can follow the update of the site’s assortment, promotions and new blog posts through Twitter store.

readership ForumDaily get a discount 10%, if you use the promotional code forumdaily.

Shop: Knigomania


DeliveryA: throughout the US, free with a purchase amount above $ 69.

Site Language: English Russian.

Pros: a wide selection of books, easy site navigation, free delivery.

Cons: The store is located in Canada, so it takes an average of 10 business days to ship to the United States. Books are not sent immediately, each edition has its own preparation period for sending the order - on average 10-14 days. In addition, the buyer must pay the customs duty for the goods crossing the border.

The site offers a large selection of classical and contemporary Russian and world literature, detective stories, science fiction, medical and computer books, various dictionaries, educational literature on a variety of topics (from history and art to programming and IT), as well as memoirs, biographies, books on home improvement and magazines of various subjects.

The store has a wide selection of colorful children's books for different ages: books for the youngest, educational literature for children, children's art literature and encyclopedic publications for children.

A separate section rendered the literature of the Jewish world, which included books on Jewish history and culture, Judaism, as well as the publication of Jewish authors in Russian and Hebrew.

In addition to the print versions, you can also purchase audio books.

The site offers a very convenient navigation: you can select books by genre, author or view serials. In addition, the store has a section “Bestsellers"Where you can see the most popular publications among customers, which will help you make your choice, as well as the section"New”To quickly navigate the new store arrivals. For those who want to save on Knigomania the section “Sale”Where you can buy books with significant discounts.

In addition to books, you can purchase a CD with music from many countries of the former Soviet Union, in particular, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, Uzbek, as well as Jewish, French Italian and Turkish. In addition, customers are offered collections of classical music, rap, rock, chanson, popular and children's music, recording of humorous concerts, melodies from movies, karaoke and much more.

For lovers of movies in the store there is a wide selection of DVDs with movies in Russian. The site offers pictures from the categories: detectives, action films, children's films, documentaries, drama, comedy, melodrama, musical pictures, adventures, Russian TV shows, erotica, recordings of comic performances, opera and ballet concerts.

On the site you can also buy a variety of children's toys, colorful traditional Russian souvenirs, as well as Russian icons.

You can follow the store news, product updates and new promotions on its social media pages. Facebook и Twitter.

Magazin Ocean

Shop: Magazin Ocean


Delivery: throughout the continental United States.

Language of the site: English Russian.

Pros: wide range of products, easy navigation.

Cons: the minimum order, delivery may take up to 10 days.

This store offers products for those who miss Russian canned food and seafood. The main assortment of the site is products made in Russia, although there is canned food from Latvia, Ukraine, Norway and the USA.

In addition to cod, saury, sprat, sprat, herring and gobies, you can also find dried and salted fish, cocoa powder, various seasonings, drying, seeds, waffles, sweets, Tula gingerbread, dried mushrooms, condensed milk and much more.

The disadvantage of the store is that it is necessary to order at least 12 units of goods, their delivery will cost $ 10 and may take up to 10 days.

The store is not represented in social networks.

Russian legacy

Shop: Russian legacy


Delivery: throughout the United States.

Language of the site: English.

Pros: wide range of products, easy navigation, discounts and sales.

Cons: no Russian version of the site.

This shop is perfect to surprise your American friends with a gift with “Russian soul”. The site contains more 1200 high-quality Russian gifts and souvenirs: fur hats, earflaps, mittens, traditional Russian jewelry and decorative items, dolls, wooden boxes for Khokhloma jewelry, Gzhel porcelain, vests, a large collection of vintage pocket and wristwatches, samovars, Russian-made utensils, as well as Russian-language calendars.

The store constantly conducts sales of certain goods, and discounts can reach 40% of the original price.

Cost delivery will depend on the weight of the product and the service used.

You can quickly receive news from the store by subscribing to its pages on social networks: Facebook и Twitter.

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