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American accused of espionage in Russia believes that he was framed by a friend from the FSB

American Paul Whelan, who was detained on December 28 of 2018 in Moscow on charges of espionage, was friends with the FSB officer Ilya Yatsenko for many years. This information was reported to our publication by Paul's brother David Whelan. According to David, it was Ilya who could set the American up.

Photo: YouTube / CBS This Morning video frame

According to the Russian side, Whelan was detained during the "espionage operation", in connection with which the FSB opened a criminal case against the American under the article "Espionage", which provides for up to 20 years of imprisonment.

According to the FSB, the American was caught red-handed after receiving a flash card with a list of employees of one of the secret departments, which is a state secret. At the same time, Paul Whelan himself does not admit his guilt, and his brother David told the press that Paul arrived in Moscow for the wedding of his former colleague in the Marine Corps, which was held in a prestigious hotel in central Moscow on December 28, on the day of his arrest.

Photo courtesy of David Whelan

In a new media appeal made on October 7, David Whelan provided all the known contact information for Ilya Yatsenko, urging journalists to track him down and ask him about the motives for Paul’s “betrayal”. According to the brother of the accused, Paul was familiar with the FSB officer for about 10 years, from 2009 years, and regularly visited him in Sergiev Posad (Russia). In particular, he went to Yatsenko’s home in January 2018 of the year, as proof of which David brought the train ticket purchased by Paul.

Photo courtesy of David Whelan

“Ilya from Sergiev Posad himself studied at a military school in Tver and at the FSB school in one of the western suburbs of Moscow, so he does not know Moscow very well,” David quotes his brother’s letter sent to him in January 2018. From this letter, at a minimum, it follows that the American was well aware of the occupation of his Russian friend.

Moreover, according to David Whelan, Paul, together with Ilya and another unnamed friend, had dinner together at the Goodman restaurant in Moscow on 2018 Catholic Christmas, that is, three days before Whelan’s arrest. On the same day, an American posted on the network a photo of Yatsenko with the caption: “Dinner with friends”, and in the commentary to it, he signed: “I have known Ilya for 10 years already.”

Photo courtesy of David Whelan

According to David Whelan, it was the meeting of his brother with an old friend from the FSB that prompted his arrest. David notes that Ilya's account on the VKontakte social network was deleted, but he posted on the network Yatsenko's contacts, which he found on his brother's iPad. At the same time, David Whelan did not explain either what Paul Whelan's relationship with the Russian intelligence officer was based on, or the circumstances of their acquaintance.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • 28 December in Moscow FSB officers detained US citizen Paul Whelan on suspicion of espionage. At the same time, Russia refused to explain what became the basis for the arrest and making of such charges.
  • Detained brother David Whelan claims Paul came to Russia for his friend’s wedding, and insists on the relative's innocence.
  • In April 2019, it turned out that Whelan is also a citizen of Great Britain and Canada. He was born in Canada to two British subjects - Edward and Rosemary Whelan. He also received Canadian citizenship by birth right in the country, but his brother, David Whelan, does not know whether Paul retained Canadian citizenship. Subsequently, the man moved to the United States, where he also received citizenship.
  • In May, Whelan told the judge that wants to complain about his investigator from the security service of the FSB of Russia, arguing that “his actions, insults, harassment and threats to life are unprofessional and should not be allowed. “This is revenge for sanctions, there is absolutely no certainty in the case,” Whelan said in court.
  • Early July Whelan complained about health. According to the diplomatic mission, Whelan is provided with basic medical care in jail, but it is not enough. The Russian side rejected the request for admission of an external doctor to the American for consultation.

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