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Collapse of a building in Florida: 10 dead, among the missing - Russian-speaking

On June 24, a 12-story residential building collapsed in Miami, Florida. The search for survivors continues. According to the latest data, 35 people were rescued, the bodies of 10 victims were found, and another 151 residents of the house are considered missing.

Screenshot: YouTube / TODAY

Second chance

The family told To the Voice of America, how they got out of the house.

“It feels like you were given a second chance. I am happy that we all survived. Everything could have turned out differently, if we were 5 meters further. That was the difference between our apartment and the one next to us, ”says Alberto Aguero.

“My son says he heard three clear sounds. The first was minor. The second one shook the balcony doors, we thought it was a strong thunderstorm, - he adds. - And then the third - the sound of a strong explosion. It made us all wake up. Everything started to shake. "

“I don’t think we understood what was happening until we went out into the hallway,” said Justin Willis. - We turned to where the elevator should be and realized that there was no apartment next to us. The doorway remained and the ocean was visible. The elevator shaft disappeared, and its doors were on the floor. "

“When we got to about the third floor, we saw an elderly woman. She needed help. My son and I helped her down to the first floor. But when we went down there, we saw that the floor had partially collapsed, and we had to make our way through the rubble, ”says Aguero.

“We are grateful for the information from the Red Cross and city departments. We are grateful to all the people who work day and night, ”said Janet Aguero.

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Albert Aguero and his family were on vacation. They were in Albert's parents' apartment on the 11th floor of the building.

Rescue work

It was confirmed that ten people died, nine of them were removed from the rubble. Another died in hospital, writes USA Today.

Accompanied by dogs trained to locate people, the searchers dug a trench 40 feet (12 m) deep. The trench provided access to new parts of the building, Miami-Dade County officials said.

“As a result, we were able to find four more bodies in the ruins,” County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava said.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said rescue efforts are progressing slowly, in part because the wreckage of the 136-apartment building itself has “forensic” value and is being moved to a warehouse to investigate the cause of the collapse.

“They are looking for voids in which they could potentially save someone,” DeSantis said. "Obviously, there will still be a lot of large debris."

Authorities said they have sufficient personnel to maximize search efforts while respecting security requirements. They said sending too many search engines to the area could result in more collapses, putting survivors at risk.

Miami Beach declared a state of emergency on Sunday, June 27, making it easier to get more help. US President Joe Biden declared the collapse a disaster, which gave access to federal aid.

A team of Israeli search and rescue specialists joined forces to find survivors and recover bodies from the scene. The team members are experts in engineering and social protection. On June 27, they arrived at the scene to join the search. Authorities have conducted DNA testing on relatives to help identify the bodies.

According to the Consul General of Israel in Miami, Maor Elbaz-Starinski, many of those who were in the partially destroyed building of Champlain Towers South were Jews, as were 35 of the missing.

Steve Aseltin, an urban search and rescue expert based in Colorado, said such searches are painstakingly slow because of the great danger.

“Not only do you punch and cut on the go, but you have to reinforce what's left. And you're trying to work in tiny trenches, ”Aseltin told one of the city's 28 search and rescue teams. “Everything in the building is still there, but it was crushed and damaged. This includes food, chemicals, wires. Anything in your home becomes a hazard for rescuers. "

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“There are fires that happen; ultimately this causes expansion of the metal, expansion of concrete, the formation of smoke. But they also have a chance to dampen the collapse of the building, ”said Jimmy Patronis, Florida fire chief.

Rescuers “try to work as fast as they can, while at the same time looking after the safety and well-being of those who are doing the job of saving the lives of others. It's a really delicate process. "

Patronis said search and rescue teams from across Florida and from Mexico have joined the effort. The teams worked 12 hours a day at high temperatures and occasional rainstorms.

“These teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because they know that if someone is potentially alive, they can be found within a limited time,” Aseltin said. "These brigades are there, risking a lot to save people, and they are doing everything in their power to help those families and people who are potentially still trapped in this building."

The smell of burnt electrical wiring can be heard from the building along the nearby streets, although it is eerily quiet. The audience is kept away from a place where dust fills the air in between showers.

Eric D'Mura, who has lived in the building for three years, said that a night swim in the ocean probably saved his life. D'Mura said he had visited his girlfriend earlier in the day and decided to take a dip in the ocean before heading home. She convinced him to go back inside and dry his clothes, they both fell asleep shortly before the collapse. He woke up and started receiving messages from friends who recognized the building on his social media posts.

“This is a tragedy. We lived with these people. We saw each other in the elevator in the morning or at night. Sometimes I helped move the box and these people are dead, ”D'Mura said.

The building was built in 1981. Authorities said it was unclear why it collapsed, but researchers and engineers cited a variety of reasons, including rising sea levels, the corrosive effects of salt water, the stability of the ground beneath, poor construction, or poor control.

The building has a twin, Champlain Towers North, which was built at the same time by the same developer, about 100 yards (91 m) away, Sarfside Mayor Charles Burkett said Saturday. Burkett has ordered an inspection of the second building and is considering relocating residents.

“I know that a similar building collapsed for an inexplicable reason,” Burkett said. “Buildings in the United States don't just collapse. Something very, very wrong was going on in this building, and we have to find out. "


Among those killed in the disaster were 83-year-old Antonio Lozano and 79-year-old Gladys Lozano, a married couple who were about to celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary. The couple, both Cuban immigrants, had dinner with their son Sergio Lozano a few hours before the crash. If there is any consolation in their death, he said, it is that they "left together and left quickly."

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Other identified victims include local residents Manual LaFont, 54; Stacy Fang, 54; Leon Olivkovich, 80 years old; Christina Beatriz Elvira, 74 years old, Luis Bermudez, 26 years old; and Anna Ortiz, 46 years old.


The list of missing persons included a Russian-speaking immigrant and his wife, Ruslan and Nicole Manashirov. They moved to an apartment on the seventh floor just two months ago after the wedding, writes USA Today.

Family members say that Ruslan Manashirov grew up in Bergen Beach (New York) and worked as a doctor, writes Connecticut News12.

Manashirov's sister Valerie said that she was horrified to watch the TV broadcast of the collapsed building. “I just couldn't believe it and it felt like a bad dream,” she said. According to her, her parents went to Florida awaiting further news. Gothamist.

At least 35 Jews are also among the missing, including some with Israeli citizenship, Israel's Consul General in Miami, Maor Elbaz-Starinskiy, said. According to him, no family has filed any reports of missing persons with the consulate, but Israel sent rescue teams to help with the search.

The local Jewish community from a nearby synagogue brought lunch to the injured and the families of the missing. Dozens and dozens of pizza boxes sat on tables next to large aluminum trays filled with falafel, cucumber and tomato salad, and red cabbage salad.

“The display of support is incredible. Never, never, never in my life or in the countries where I have lived, I have not experienced the generosity of the Jewish community of South Florida, wrote on Facebook Ronit Felsser, whose 21-year-old son Ilan Nybrif is missing. "I think we have enough food for the whole month."

Shul Jewish Community Center put up a sign offering food, phone chargers, blankets and clothing. They asked people to contact them if they needed a place to dine.

“Today will be a difficult Shabbat for those who are waiting for news,” the center wrote.

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