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Beat Trump: Biden and Harris Win 2020 Man of the Year

US President Joe Biden and future Vice President Kamala Harris named Person of the Year by the magazine Time. He writes about it Air force.

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The news on Twitter of the magazine is accompanied by the message: “Person of the Year” is not only about the outgoing year, but also about where we are heading ”.

Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal explained the publication's decision: "For changing the direction of American history and showing that empathy is stronger than division, for believing that the world's sorrows need to be healed."

A video appeared there, in which the winners are presented by singer Bruce Springsteen.

In the election, Biden bypassed current President Donald Trump, who continues to seek recounts in the courts.

Harris will be the first African American Vice President and the first Asian American to serve.

Biden and Harris have not yet commented on the magazine's decision.

In 2016, Donald Trump was recognized as "Person of the Year", who then won the presidential election. In 2020, he was also on the shortlist of four candidates, but lost to the Biden-Harris tandem. In addition to the two masters of the White House, the outgoing and the future, the list included doctors fighting the coronavirus pandemic, and personally the chief epidemiologist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, as well as the movement for racial justice.

In 2019, according to the same Time, the Swedish 16-year-old eco-activist Greta Thunberg was named “Person of the Year”.

The magazine has awarded the title, which is now officially called Person of the Year, for almost 100 years. This always happens in December, when the time comes to take stock. Until 1999 it was called “Man of the Year”, but the term was changed, since in English “man” and “man” are denoted by the same word.

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Along with individuals, organizations, movements and social groups can be noted.

Time's Person of the Year is not an honor. This is not a sign of approval. And not recognition of popularity. This is a sober assessment of the world as it is, and of the people who shape this world - for better or for better, ”says the editorial principle of the magazine.

The first "Man of the Year" was in 1927 Charles Lindbergh, the American pilot who was the first to fly the Atlantic. Subsequently, this title was received by Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill, Deng Xiaoping, Queen Elizabeth II, Gorbachev, Putin, Martin Luther King, Pope Francis, as well as collective images - American soldier and Internet user.

The awarding of the title to Hitler in 1938 was explained by the magazine as follows: "To everyone who followed the events of the outgoing year, it seems more than likely that this man will make the coming year 1939 memorable."

The first woman "Person of the Year" according to Time was Wallis Simpson, a divorced American woman, for the sake of marriage with whom the English king Edward VIII abdicated.

Since 2019, the magazine has also started awarding titles in the categories Entrepreneur of the Year, Show Person of the Year, Athlete of the Year and Defender of the Year (the one who took the best care of other people).

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Winners in other nominations in 2020:

  • Defenders of the Year

The chief epidemiologist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, and doctors are fighters against the coronavirus.

“At the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, global healthcare workers have demonstrated the very best human qualities: dedication, compassion, resilience and courage,” Time wrote.

The organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement are Porsche Bennett Bay and Assa Traore.

“When George Floyd was assassinated in Minneapolis in May of this year, it was further proof (if anyone else needs to prove it) that there is no equality in America in relation to black life. After his death, there was a real wave of anger, and the organizers of the movement - both veterans and new leaders - were able to take millions of people to the streets to loudly declare inequality, ”the publication said.

  • Entrepreneur of the Year

Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan, whose company Time called "a life-saving opportunity for a deeply isolated society."

  • "Sportsman of the Year"

American basketball player Le Bron James.

  • "Show Person of the Year"

South Korean pop group BTS.

ForumDaily offered readers to vote for the one whom they consider most worthy of this title. Here are the results:

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