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Obama will talk about weapons live

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Barack Obama is going to talk live about the problem of arms sales in the United States. Reports about it

The President of the United States will give an interview to the well-known host of CNN, Anderson Cooper. The meeting will take place live on January 7 at 20.00:XNUMX pm New York time. After Obama's statement, viewers can ask questions to the President on the air.

Recall, the head of the White House expressed disappointment that the American parliamentarians did not approve measures to impose additional control over the circulation of arms.

Barack Obama has promised that on January 4 will meet with the head of the Ministry of Justice Loretta Lynch to discuss steps that can be taken without congressional approval.

“We know that we cannot prevent all acts of violence, but what if we try to prevent at least one of them? What if Congress tried to do at least something to shield our children from possible gun violence? ” - quotes Obama's words

The right to bear arms is guaranteed to US citizens by the second constitutional amendment. In 2012, Obama proposed restoring a ban on the possession and carrying of small arms by civilians. However, the congress, the majority of which are Republicans, rejected the corresponding bill.

Earlier, Forum wrote that the US President going to increase gun control.

In the US, there are regular incidents of firearm attacks.

As he wrote earlier "Forum", the mass shooting December 2 occurred 2015 of the year in San Bernardino. The criminals broke into the conference room of the social welfare center and opened fire on the people in the room. 14 people died, 21 was injured. Farouk and Malik were eliminated during an exchange of fire with law enforcement officers. The FBI qualified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Later, in the shooting of civilians, the FBI found Russian trace. The weapon from which the couple shot the 14 man was bought by Maria Chernykh, who lives in California. From Russia she emigrated to 2009.

Said Farouk with absolute confidence He claimedthat in a couple of years Israel will not be, because this is what the main world powers - the United States, Russia and China want. And the Jews will move from there to Ukraine.


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