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What can you ask at the US airport and how to answer questions at the entrance

You have been issued an American visa. You are happy. Purchased tickets. After hours of flight, the plane landed at New York JFK airport. You are excited. In a few minutes, your family or friend will meet you. However, a border guard at the airport may prevent you from visiting the United States and demand that you return to your home country immediately. This often happens because the officer is not satisfied with your answers to his questions. So, what should I look for when answering questions from an immigration officer at the airport? Useful tips collected edition Uzbek Immigrant.

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After landing in the USA

After the aircraft lands in the United States of America, all passengers are directed along the specified path to the customs and border control officer. Airports are the port of entry. To go through the point of entry, you must go to the officer who will examine your passports, visas, and other documents to make sure that the passenger is entitled to enter the United States. He will ask what is the purpose of your visit to the United States.

Then they will take your fingerprints (ten-printed fingerprinting) and photograph you. If there are no problems during this process, the employee will stamp the passport admission stamp. The stamp indicates the type of visa and the date of your departure. After that you can leave the airport.

The immigration officer is skeptical of all

In general, an interview with an immigration officer takes place without any problems. However, they are ordered to be skeptical of anyone who crosses the border. The first task of the immigration officer is to provide security. Therefore, they check the data of your document in different databases. The employee will first check if you have violated the Immigration Act.

Immigration officer questions

The main tasks of the officer are to determine as accurately as possible the purpose of your arrival in the United States and the availability of all the necessary documents for this. For example, if you are issued a nonimmigrant visa (B1, B2, F1), but you want to stay in the United States forever, you will not be allowed to enter here. To clarify the situation, the officer may ask you some questions. You must carefully study your frequently asked questions in order to clearly answer them.

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Test questions

The border guard can ask you any questions. The most frequent of these are questions regarding the definition of your visa in terms of the purpose of your arrival in the United States. They may be as follows:

  1. “The purpose of your visit to the United States?” (“Why are you visiting the United States?”). Your answer must match the visa you received. For example, if you are issued a tourist visa (B1 or B2) and you answer that you came to work or study for a long time, you may be ordered to leave the United States. So, if you have a B1 visa, you must answer that you are traveling.
  2. “Where do you stay in America?” (“Where will you be staying?”). By asking this question, an immigration officer is trying to find out if you were preparing for arrival in the United States in advance, if you have a clear plan and purpose. If you don’t know exactly where to stay, the immigration officer may be suspicious of you and ask additional questions.
  3. “Who are you going to visit?” (“Who will you be visiting?”). The purpose of this question is to find out if you were well prepared for your arrival, having planned in advance where you will live in America.
  4. “How long do you intend to stay in America?” (“How long will you be staying?”). By asking this question, the immigration officer wants to make sure that you will not stay longer than indicated in the US visa. If you are issued a B1 visa for business purposes and you answer that you came to study at the MBA at a university, then you may be denied entry into the country.

If your answers to the above questions are not satisfactory, the officer may conduct a secondary inspection. He can invite you to a special room, ask additional questions and demand to answer them in more detail, check your bags, smartphones and laptops.

In this case, the things in your bag or folder, the information in your smartphone or laptop should correspond to the type of visa that you were given to enter America. For example, if you arrived in the United States as a tourist on a B1 / B2 non-immigrant visa, but you have a copy of a printed resume in your bag for a job, you may be suspected that you are traveling with immigration intentions and not allowed into the United States. Or, if you enter the United States with an F1 visa, but you find a wedding dress in your bag, you may be suspicious that you enter to get married and stay here forever, which may be a reason for refusing entry.

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Do not forget that your rights are limited.

The rights of foreigners are limited within the limits of the airport access. For example, you do not have the right to use a lawyer within the airport. You do not have the right to call a lawyer, even if you have difficulty answering questions upon arrival. The immigration officer can ask any questions, even personal, intimate. Regardless of the nature of the question, always be polite and calm, do not be rude, do not panic.

If an immigration officer does not allow you to enter the United States, you have no right to appeal this decision. Only in one case can your case be considered in an immigration court if you fear for your life and intend to seek political asylum in the United States. In this case, your case will be considered in immigration matters.

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