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New York is the city with the most overpriced in the USA

If someone wants to find a place where they can spend the money the fastest, you should not hesitate to go to New York. In the Big Apple the most overpriced prices in the United States.

An alternative option is Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands. The tropical resort oasis shares the first most expensive place with the largest city in the country.

The study, conducted by Forbes magazine, took into account the prices of real estate, its rent, utilities, groceries, gasoline, public transport (if any), and many other factors. But the greatest attention was paid not so much to the prices themselves, as to the ratio of price and quality. As experts have found out, life in New York is unreasonably expensive if we compare its cost with the quality offered.

It is also worth noting that the study took into account only cities and areas with a population of 600 000 people and more.

Even more disappointing news: New York will continue to go up. Forbes experts predict that in the coming years, other US cities are unlikely to challenge his leadership in the list of places with the most inflated prices.

However, the conclusions of analysts are quite expected. In 2013, the average monthly cost of renting a home in Manhattan reached unprecedented heights and was 3 905 dollars, while in 2012 it was 3 762 dollars. At the same time, the remuneration of people living on this island increased, on average, by only 10 dollars a week.

According to Forbes experts, food prices in New York are 22% higher than nationwide. Utilities cost New Yorkers 29,6% more, and transportation - 12,8%. The cost of medical services in the Big Apple is also 12,6% higher than in other cities of the country.

The third place on the list went to Southern Connecticut, in particular, the cities of Greenwich and Stamford, the fourth - to Boston. The top ten overly expensive places in the United States include two cities in California - Santa Ana and San Jose, as well as New York's Long Island with its Suffolk and Nass counties.

Rating of the most unnecessarily expensive places in the United States:

1. New York / Honolulu
3. Southern Connecticut (Greenwich, Stamford)
4. Boston
5. San Jose, California
7. Long Island, New York (Suffolk and Nassa counties) / Essex, Massachusetts
9. Cambridge, Massachusetts
10. Santa Ana, CA

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