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Universities in the USA canceled classes due to outbreaks of coronavirus

Universities from California to New York canceled campus activities as the new coronavirus has affected more than 100 people worldwide, and its spread has become a pandemic. Writes about it CNN.

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Classes were canceled in the states and areas most affected by the virus, including Seattle, California, and New York. Ohio State University, with more than 60 students, is the last to announce cancellation.

Schools also recommend that students avoid traveling to China, Italy, and South Korea, as many students plan to go there for spring break.

One university even told students to leave the campus for a while.

Amherst College

Massachusetts School announced spring break until next Monday, students should be ready to work off campus when they return to class on March 23.

Amherst canceled classes on Thursday and Friday.

“We know that many people will travel during Spring Break, although this is not encouraged,” Chancellor Biddy Martin said in a statement. "The risk of hundreds of people returning from their trips to campus is too great."

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley has suspended most private lessons as a preventative measure.

In a letter sent to the campus community, Chancellor Carol Christos said work schedule changes will begin on Tuesday and will be valid for spring breaks that end March 29th.

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All lecture courses, seminars and exams will be held online. Courses to be held in person, such as laboratory, performing arts or physical education, will be canceled

Columbia University and Barnard College

On March 9 and 10, all classes at Columbia University in New York were suspended because a member of the Colombian community was quarantined as a result of exposure to coronavirus.

“This suspension will allow us to prepare for the transition to distance learning before the end of the week,” said President Lee Bollinger. "I want to emphasize that the test results of an individual who was quarantined are not yet known."

Barnard College of Women’s College of Humanities has also suspended classes and is expected to resume online courses.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University, located in New York, has announced that it will cancel full-time classes for a week.

The announcement was made after a student contacted a medical center complaining of flu symptoms.

A student attended an off-campus conference where one of the participants tested positive for a new coronavirus. The student is being tested for coronavirus and is in isolation. Six people who were in close contact with the student were asked to isolate themselves while awaiting student test results.

“We want to emphasize that this action is a precautionary measure to provide peace of mind to students, faculty, staff and families,” the university said. "There are currently no confirmed cases of Covid-19 associated with the university."

Ohio State University

Ohio State University has announced that it plans to suspend full-time classes immediately, at least until March 30.

“We are suspending teaching in lectures, discussion sessions, seminars and other similar classrooms and moving on to virtual learning, which is effective immediately,” - said in a statement.

The university has provided students with the opportunity to complete their courses online from home or stay on campus with preventative measures.

University staff can also work from home if their position allows.

Princeton University

According to Princeton University President Chris Eisgruber, Ivy League University, located in New Jersey, said that all lectures, seminars will be transferred online, starting March 23, after spring break.

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According to Eisgruber, university medical advisers say "the best time to develop policies to slow the spread of the virus is now before the virus reaches the university." He encouraged students to consider staying home after spring break rather than returning to campus.

The new policy will be valid until April 5 and will be reviewed as this date approaches.

Seattle university

The University of Seattle, with 7200 students, said classes would no longer be held until the end of the quarter. Classes in the law school, which is in the semester system, will be suspended until further notice. There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at the university.

“We are committed to acting in a way that prioritizes the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, while allowing our students to continue their studies to the fullest,” said President Stephen W. Sundborg.

University of Southern California

There are no cases of coronavirus infection at the university, but classes were canceled as part of the outbreak preparedness test and for student safety reasons.

“I emphasize that this is a test of our capabilities. The university is fully functional, ”said Charles F. Zukoski, Vice Rector and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

University of California, San Diego

The University of California, San Diego of Southern California, announced plans to conduct all lectures and discussions remotely, starting with the spring semester, which begins March 25th.

“To ensure the health and safety of our campus with the latest coronavirus data, all spring courses will be held remotely,” the university said in a statement.

The university also calls for the cancellation or postponement of events or meetings in which more than 100 people are expected to attend.

According to representatives of the university, the courses will be held personally during the last week of the winter quarter, but teachers will not give grades depending on attendance.

Stanford University

According to a letter on the university’s website that was sent by Vice-Rector Persis Drell, the university is canceling all classes in the last two weeks of its winter quarter.

“As far as possible, we will translate classes online instead of face-to-face training,” Drell said in a letter.

As stated at the university, exams that were planned to be taken in person will be taken in the online format.

Stanford is located in Santa Clara County, where dozens of cases of coronavirus are currently reported. There are almost 90 cases in California.

Stanford University also cancels campus tours and the Admit Weekend event for prospective students, which was originally scheduled for the weekend of April 23-26. Visitors will be allowed to take independent tours, but according to the letter, group tours and other events will not be. The university plans to keep its visitor center open.

University of Washington

To date, the highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States has been reported in the Seattle area, and several universities in the region have canceled classes during an outbreak as part of a “social distance” strategy.

The University of Washington, located in Seattle, stated that classes would no longer be held, and teachers were asked to conduct classes and exams remotely until March 20.

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The university said it plans to resume normal academic work from March 30, when the spring quarter begins.

Foreign programs

A growing list of American universities has canceled study abroad programs as the new coronavirus spread around the world.

At least seven universities, including Villanova, Elon, Florida International, and Syracuse, suspended programs in Italy, while others canceled programs in China and South Korea.

The Semester at Sea study abroad program, based on a cruise ship that has been converted to a floating campus, is now with hundreds of American students on board.

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