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An incorrect photo in the green card application form can deprive you of your winnings: how to check a photo before submitting an application

6 2021 October, the the acceptance of questionnaires has begun for the DV-2023 green card lottery, it will continue until 12:00 on November 9, 2021. The photo in the application is very important. If it does not meet at least one of the many requirements, you cannot win. That is why the Department of State website has separate pagededicated to photographs to participate in the green card lottery. There is also a special tool for checking your photos before submitting (more about it below).

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So, what should be the photos in the green card application form. As of November 1, 2016, glasses can no longer be used on these photos.

Detailed sample photos

It is recommended that you use a professional photography service to ensure that your photo meets all requirements.

On the subject: How the US Department of State checks applications and photos of participants of the Green Card Lottery

A valid photograph is clear and colorful, faithfully reproduces skin tones, and is correctly exposed, without shadows.

Here are examples of correct images:

Screenshot from the website of the US Department of State

Pay attention to the main characteristics of the photo: the size and position of the head (relative to the image margins), facial expression (no need to frown and make faces, laughing too much is also not desirable, a slight smile is acceptable), background (should be light and uniform), print quality. Anything that can hide the face (hair, shadows, glare on glasses, etc.) is unacceptable in the photo in the green card application form.

On the this page you can play with the tool below that shows examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos for each of the points above. Just click on different items and you will get examples of good and bad photos. By clicking on each of them, you will see an explanation of why it is acceptable for the lottery or why not.

For example, if you select "Background", then you can see the following result.

The first and fifth photos are acceptable. The second is unacceptable due to background inhomogeneity; on the third, the background is too dark; on the fourth - not white and heterogeneous; in the sixth photo there are two people, the child's head is partially closed, the background is not white. You can find out all this if you click on examples of photos with red crosses - the program will give you explanations.

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Photo Checker Tool

The Department of State also has a tool for verifying the photos you want to upload to your green card application form. It is located on this link and it works very simply: you upload there your photo or photos of other people who will be in your profile, and the tool tells you whether such a photo is acceptable or not.

Technical requirements for digital images

A photo to participate in the DV visa lottery must comply with simple but strict rules:

  • The person being photographed must look directly into the camera.
  • The person's head should not be tilted up, tilted down or to the side
  • Head height should be between 50% and 69% of the total frame height;
  • Light neutral background (white, for example). Dark or patterned backgrounds are unacceptable
  • The photo must be in focus
  • The person being photographed must not wear glasses or have other accessories that cover their face
  • Photographs of persons with their heads covered or wearing headgear are acceptable only if it is dictated by their religious beliefs, provided that no part of the face is hidden
  • There should be no shadows.

Technical specifications:

  • Image must be in JPEG format
  • Maximum image size 240 kilobytes (240 KB)
  • Image resolution: 600 pixels long, 600 pixels wide (600 × 600 px)
  • Color depth: 24 bit.

Technical parameters for scanned photo:

  • Image must be in JPEG format
  • Maximum image size 240 kilobytes (240 KB)
  • Image resolution: 600 pixels long, 600 pixels wide (600x600px);
  • Color depth: 24 bit
  • Photo resolution: 300 dpi (can be set when scanning).

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