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Unexpectedly: rural areas of the USA were the most expensive to buy

A nationwide study by New York-based real estate company Property Club shows that the most expensive areas in the United States are in the suburbs. patch.

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The Property Club, a New York-based real estate company, looked at all home sales data across the country between March 13 and September 7 to determine the 125 most expensive ZIP codes so far. It is noteworthy and unexpected that none of the 10 most expensive areas belong to a large American metropolis - they are located in the suburbs.

10 most expensive areas in the USA:

1 Atherton, CA - Home value $ 94027
2 Beverly Hills, California - Home value $ 90210
3, Sagaponak, New York - Home value $ 11962
4, Medina, Washington - Home value $ 98039
5 Santa Monica, California - Home value $ 90402
6 Ross, CA - Home value $ 94957
7 Los Altos, California - Home value $ 94022
8 Aspen, Colorado - Home value $ 81611
9 Portola Valley, California - Home value $ 94028
10, Glenbrook, NV - Home value $ 89413

More than two-thirds of the 125 most expensive ZIP codes are in California, while the list is scattered across 15 states.


The two most expensive neighborhoods in the country are in California, with Atherton (94027) ranked first with an average home value of nearly $ 6,7 million, and Beverly Hills (90210), which became famous for its TV series in the 1990s, comes in second. with an average home value of $ 4,08 million.

“The biggest surprise was that the zip codes of major cities did not make the top ten,” said Property Club CEO Andrew Weinberger. "This is especially striking because, based on historical numbers, you can find several New York postal codes at the top."

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According to Weinberger, Atherton has always been the most expensive area when compared to previous ratings. But the pandemic has had a noticeable impact on other areas on the list.

“For example, on this list we see more postal codes for Long Island than New York,” he said. “You can usually expect more places like Manhattan and San Francisco. We also see more zip codes near the sea and mountains. This is the first time the Lake Tahoe area has been ranked in the top ten most expensive places.


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