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No need to carry a vaccination card: how to prove with a smartphone that you are vaccinated against COVID-19

As the delta strain of the COVID-19 virus spreads throughout the United States, new efforts are underway to vaccinate more Americans. How to prove that you are vaccinated, said the publication USA Today.

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US President Joe Biden intends to require federal workers to verify that they have been vaccinated or regularly tested.

Similar policies have been introduced in some local governments, while some companies require employees to be vaccinated so they can return to the office. Even Broadway said it would make the same request to theater-goers before attending a performance.

Of course, you can bring your COVID-19 vaccination card with you to confirm this information. But this can cause not only irritation, because there is nowhere to put it, but also the fear that you will lose it.

However, there is a way out - you can prove vaccination using a smartphone.

To make a photo

Very simple. If you go this route, then place it in a hidden album so that it cannot be viewed from your library. Plus, this will avoid discomfort, and you won't have to flip through a lot of your photos to find a vaccination card.

On the subject: One in five Americans believes they will receive a microchip with the COVID-19 vaccine

When you've photographed your card, click the Share button in Photos, then select Hide. The image will be placed in a hidden album, which can be found by clicking "Albums", where you will find it.

Scan it to your smartphone

If you're using an iPhone, scanning your COVID-19 map with the Notes app adds a little more security. To do this, start a new note, then click on the camera.

Select the "Scan Document" option and add your card using the built-in scanner. Then you can block it by applying an access code. Each time you click on a note, you will be prompted for a password to view.

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Some state governments have launched applications that allow users to access information on their vaccine card. For example, for those who live in New Jersey, the state has an app docketwhere residents can view their vaccination status. And for New Yorkers the pass Excelsior provides quick access.

There are other digital options as well. In June Walmart announced that it will provide access to COVID-19 digital records through Walmart and Sam's Club accounts.

Service VaxYes Allows users to add their vaccination information and convert it into a digital passport that can be added to Google Pay or Apple Wallet. The company declares that all data is encrypted and its service is HIPAA compliant.

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