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Floods, tornadoes and power outages: Tropical storm Isaiah comes ashore

Late Monday night, August 3, Isaiah made landfall in North Carolina, causing coastal flooding that will continue to move up the coast. Writes about it CNN.

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Before going ashore, Isaiah was declared a Category 1 hurricane, with wind speeds reaching 85 miles per hour (136 km per hour). But it was downgraded to a tropical storm early Tuesday morning, Aug. 4, with maximum sustained winds of up to 70 mph (112 km / h).

“But Isaiah still carries life-threatening conditions as he moves up the coast,” CNN meteorologist Michael Guy told CNN.

Due to strong winds and huge waves up to two feet (0,6 m) high, the bridge in Sunset Beach, North Carolina was closed. The streets in Holden Beach turned into rivers as the water rose quickly.

Brunswick County, North Carolina, has "numerous reports" of water rescues, fires, and structural collapses.

“Oak Island public security officials will work all night, answering calls,” the statement said.

According to PowerOutage.US, about 245 customers were left without electricity after the storm hit the coast. Several structures in the Ocean Isle Beach area burned down, according to the Horrie County Fire Department in South Carolina.

The hurricane warning was in effect from the South Santee River area, South Carolina, to the town of Cerf, North Carolina, meaning hurricane conditions are expected somewhere in the warning area.

Storm surges are expected to reach 5 feet (152 cm) in parts of the hurricane warning zone.

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Isaiah is expected to gradually weaken after Carolyn. In Philadelphia, the storm's wind is forecast to reach 60 to 65 mph (96-104 km per hour), and in New York City, 65 to 70 mph (104-112 km per hour).

The storm could lead to some of the strongest winds in New York since Hurricane Sandy nearly eight years ago, according to Ross Diekman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in New York.

“The impact of wind and flooding from Isaiah will be similar to what the city has seen in the worst storms on the coast,” he said.

Curfew and evacuation in parts of North Carolina

A curfew was imposed on the east coast of North Carolina as Isaiah approached. In other parts of the coast, locals and tourists were evacuated. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NDOT) evacuated over 3000 people from Okrakuk Island on Monday, August 3.

“The most important thing is to avoid danger if you are told about an evacuation. Try to make a plan to live with friends or family outside the danger zone, ”said Gov. Roy Cooper.

Strong winds of up to 70 mph (112 km per hour) are expected, which could damage power lines and trees. Tornadoes are also possible in North and South Carolina, the Department of Emergency Management said.

Mid-Atlantic and East coasts prepare for the storm

Tropical Storm Warning has been in effect for most of the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast since Isaiah made landfall in Carolina.

The tropical storm warning was extended north to Stonington, Maine. The warning south of the Savannah River on the Georgia-South Carolina border has been lifted.

Storm surge warnings were in effect from Edisto Beach, South Carolina to Cape Fear, North Carolina.

By Wednesday morning, August 5, New Hampshire and Maine are expecting heavy rains from Isaiah.

In Maryland, an impending storm has led Gov. Larry Hogan to suspend COVID-19 testing.

New York is implementing interim flood control measures in lower Manhattan, including the installation of temporary flood barriers.

First victims and missing persons

Gov. Roy Cooper said at least one person was killed and several others were injured following Hurricane Isaiah. CBS17.

Cooper said several tornadoes from the tropical storm formed as it passed through the state. The tornado hit a trailer park in Bertie County, causing death and injury.

According to Bertie County Sheriff John Holly, rescue teams are looking for three or four more people who are currently missing in the vicinity of Windsor.

Firefighters and search and rescue teams with dogs help to find missing persons.

Bertie County officials are urging the public to exercise caution if they are near the Morning Road zone in Windsor.

“We ask that the public give us time to collect and properly verify additional information from various law enforcement and ambulance services that are still working to keep the area safe,” district officials said.

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