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Drinks, donuts and movies: what you can get for free in July

July came and brought heat and hot deals, from free Slurpee at 7-Eleven and Krispy Kreme donuts to $10 at Amazon. Edition Money Talks News collected the coolest promotions.

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Free Slurpee at 7-Eleven - July 1-11

A long tradition at 7-Eleven is to celebrate the chain's birthday on July 11, or "7/11" by offering customers a free Slurpee. This year the event is officially called Slurpee Day and is open to two members of the loyalty programs:

  • 7REWARDS by 7-Eleven;
  • Speedy Rewards from Speedway.

Details - by link.

30 days free access to Showtime - all month

Watch your favorite shows on Showtime with 30 days of free viewing. After those free days, you get three more months for just $3,99 per month. It turns out that this one-third of a year of Showtime will cost only about $12.

Details - by link.

Free Microsoft Office 365 Education for Students and Educators - All Month

Did you know that students and educators can use Microsoft Office 365 Education for free? The offer includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, as well as additional classroom tools.

Details - by link.

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Free Krispy Kreme Donuts - All Summer

Krispy Kreme has announced a lucrative promotion that will last all summer.

Get a free donut with original icing at any Krispy Kreme store that has a Hot Light whenever the lights are on. This offer is valid until Labor Day (September 5).

Details - by link.

30 Days of Free Unlimited Drinks at Panera - All Month

Sign up for Panera's Unlimited Sip Club and the first month is free. Membership entitles you to unlimited lemonades, coffees, teas and sodas.

Details - by link.

Free skiing for kids - all month

Ice skating is great exercise and the perfect remedy for boredom for kids, especially in the summer. The Kids Skate Free program, available in some states, offers free skating time, but hours, ages, and conditions vary by skate center.

Details - by link.

Free National Park Cleaning Kit - All Month

Do you want to contribute to the preservation of the beauty and cleanliness of our national parks? Sign up for a free cleaning kit including sunscreen, hand sanitizer, gloves, reflective vest, biodegradable bags, first aid kit and more.

Details - by link.

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Tax free purchases - varies by state

Every year, states across the country pull off a deal no buyer can resist. These are tax holidays.

The following states offer tax holidays in July:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee

Details - by link.

$10 from Amazon - until July 13

Amazon Prime Day is coming up July 12-13, but get ready to get $10 to use on Amazon purchases. To earn money, you must complete each of the four main activities before 23:59 pm on July 13th:

  • watch streaming prime video;
  • listen to prime music;
  • purchase a Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited book or add it to your library;
  • make a purchase that meets the conditions of Prime delivery.

Details - by link.

Free Hallmark Postcard - Every Month Until December

You can get a free Hallmark birthday card to give to friends and family every month for the rest of the year. Just sign up for the Crown Rewards program, keep an eye on the coupons in your inbox, and stop by your local store to pick up postcards.

Details - by link.

Free credit reports - until the end of 2022

Before you pull out the cards to make this summer unforgettable, take a look at your current credit score and keep track of it for the rest of the year. The Big Three credit agencies have announced that they will be offering access to free weekly credit reports through the end of 2022.

Details - by link.

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