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Tax holidays 2022: what, where and when you can buy at a discount

Everyone who has ever been to the USA knows that the purchase tax is an unforeseen matter. Each state has its own, it is not indicated in the price tags, therefore, out of habit, even for immigrants who have lived in the States for several years, it is difficult to calculate the real amount of the purchase. There are not a few days in the year when this tax is not collected, they are called "tax holidays". What is it and when will they be, said the publication Leahingram.

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Every summer, dozens of states have this tax-free weekend or tax holiday. But there are states that don't have tax holidays, so be sure to check if your state is participating.

For parents, it's a great way to save on school supplies, and it's also a great way to treat yourself.

What is a tax holiday

During tax holidays, some states reduce or eliminate sales tax on certain items and make shopping more affordable. Most large retailers are usually involved in this.

When and where are tax holidays

This year, 17 states immediately supported the idea. Also, don't forget that five states - Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon - never charge sales tax. And there are a few more pleasant surprises waiting for you at the end, so be sure to read on.

  • When: July 15-17
  • What: school supplies under $ 50, books under $ 20, computers under $ 750, and clothing under $ 100.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 6-7 August
  • What: clothes and shoes up to $100, accessories up to $50 and some school supplies.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 14-20 August
  • What: Connecticut is eliminating sales tax for an entire week - on clothing and footwear under $ 100 a piece. Sportswear and equipment are excluded.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: July 1-7 and August 25-29
  • What: outdoor activities and recreational activities; clothing, footwear and certain accessories, certain school supplies and computers
  • Details - by link.
  • When: August 6 - August 7
  • What: clothing or shoes sold for less than $100 are not taxed. This does not include backpacks, bags and sportswear. For items ordered online, payment must be made during the tax holiday, even if delivery is later.
  • Details - by link.

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  • When: 7-13 August
  • What: here the tax holidays will also last a whole week.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 12-13 August
  • What: all retail items priced at $2 or less, excluding automobiles, gasoline, motorboats, food, telecommunications, tobacco, marijuana, and marijuana products.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 30-31 July
  • What: clothes and shoes worth less than $100 each. Backpacks are not included.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: any items of clothing, including shoes, worth no more than $100; school supplies no more than $50 per purchase; computer supplies $350 or less; and personal computers costing less than $3500.
  • Details - by link.
New Mexico
  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: clothing or shoes less than $ 100 per item; computers up to $ 1000; computer equipment - $ 500; and school supplies for $ 30 or less. Note that stores are not required to participate in New Mexico Tax Holidays, so ask before buying.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: Clothing starting at $ 75 per item, school supplies or school teaching materials starting at $ 20 per item or less, and teaching materials starting at $ 20.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: clothes and shoes under $ 100. Accessories, sports shoes and safety equipment are not included.
  • Details - by link.
Южная Каролина
  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: clothing, computers, accessories, school supplies, computers and some household goods.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 29-31 July
  • What: garments worth less than $100; school supplies, including art supplies that cost $100 or less each; and computers costing $1500 or less; foodstuffs, food ingredients and prepared meals; weapons and security systems.
  • Details - by link.
  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: most clothing, shoes, school supplies, swimwear, and backpacks are under $ 100.
  • Details - by link.

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  • When: 5-7 August
  • What: school supplies $20 or less each and clothes and shoes $100 or less each, hurricane and emergency preparedness items up to $60, and generators up to $1000.
  • Details - by link.
West Virginia
  • When: 7 of August
  • What: school supplies for no more than $ 20 per item; clothing and footwear priced at $ 125 or less; sports equipment for $ 150 or less; and computers and tablets for $ 500 or less.
  • Details - by link.

Online shopping and Amazon

This year there are several surprises for the tax holiday lover, now they apply to online purchases, as well as the company The Amazon I also decided to take a vacation.

It is very important that tax holidays on Amazon will only be in those states in which they will be and offline. In addition, each state has its own type of goods and the maximum cost for which this holiday applies, the same will be on Amazon. So be sure to check all the details before buying.

When shopping online, it is important to keep in mind that if you order during the holidays and pay after, then there will be a tax, you must pay in full on the tax-free weekend, even if the delivery is later. In addition, you can always place an order with self-delivery, so you will not have to wait, but you will not pay tax either.

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The Amazon Educational program tax holidays
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