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Taxes, immigration, Russia and Ukraine: what Trump and Biden discussed in the final debate

Less than two weeks before the US presidential election, Donald Trump and Joe Biden took part in the second debate, which became the final for the first time in history. Usually competitors meet in three discussion rounds, but this time another “sparring” was canceled due to the President's discomfort. Air force.

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Because of this, the Presidential Debate Commission decided that they should be completely virtual, without the participation of the public and guests of the main participants in the race.

In addition, another new rule was introduced. During the early debates, Donald Trump constantly interrupted his opponent, which caused a wave of outrage from the Democrats.

After numerous requests, the commission decided that this time the moderator will have the right to turn off the participants' microphones if they violate the regulations. Each of the presidential contenders received the right to answer a question within two minutes, but was notified that his microphone could be turned off by the moderator if he violated this condition.

It seems that this time both the President of the United States and his rival accepted the rules of the game.

Main themes

Traditionally, the topics of presidential debates are announced in advance, but this time the organizers warned that these topics may change.

However, it was announced in advance that the questions will touch on six points, for which participants will be able to prepare: the coronavirus epidemic, racial issues in the United States, climate change issues, national security, American families in the face of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, and governance country.


Donald Trump

“The vaccine is ready and we will distribute it very quickly. We can't lock ourselves in the basement, which is what Joe [Biden] does. He had such an opportunity ... He made a lot of money somewhere. He likes to live in the basement, but the others can't afford it. "

Joe Biden

"He said that we will learn to live with this [virus], but now people are learning how to die with it ... Come on, he never said how dangerous it is."

Democrats have repeatedly accused Trump of having received information about the deadly danger of coronavirus back in February last year, but tried to hide it. In several interviews in recent months, the US president has stated that he did not "want to sow panic." He also said that “the virus will go away somehow” when it gets warmer with the onset of spring.

Personal tax returns

Joe Biden

“I have published all my tax returns. For twenty-two years - go and see them. You haven't released a single tax return. What are you hiding? Why you do not want? Foreign countries pay you a lot. Russia pays you a lot. China pays you a lot ... Publish your tax returns or stop talking about it. ”

Donald Trump

"My tax returns are still being audited, but I have paid many millions in taxes."

Back during the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would publish his tax returns “in the very near future”. This unwritten rule has been followed by all American presidents in the past 60 years. However, voters in the United States never saw the tax reports of the head of the White House. He also assures that his tax returns are still being studied by the tax service, while the American media say that the debts of companies controlled by Trump range from $ 400 million to $ 1 billion.

These debts will supposedly need to be repaid within the next four years, but it is not yet known who exactly provided the borrowed funds to the president. In addition, the New York Times reported this week that Trump may have hidden an account in one of the banks in China, where the US president allegedly paid $ 2013 in taxes from 2015 to 200.

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Russia and Ukraine

Donald Trump

"There has never been anyone who would have been tougher towards Russia than I did."


During the debate, the candidates repeatedly mentioned Ukraine and the opposition to Russia, writes "Voice of America".

Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of inaction regarding the interference in the American elections: “Any country that tries to interfere in the American elections will pay for it. Russia, China were involved in these elections, and now we have learned that Iran is also. They will pay for it if I am elected. They interfere with American sovereignty. And, as far as I know, the president did not say a word to Putin about this. I do not know why".

Whereas Donald Trump said that he is being tough towards Russia. And he stressed that his administration, unlike the Obama administration, provided lethal military assistance to Ukraine.

“Nobody has been tougher on Russia in terms of sanctions, in terms of everything that I have done with NATO. When Biden sold pillows and blankets to Ukraine, I was selling anti-tank missiles. During the Obama presidency, Russia took over much of the territory that should be Ukrainian. You gave it to them. But you received a lot of money from Russia, ”Donald Trump said to his opponent.


Joe Biden

“There is a reason why he mentions it all the time. This is not about my family. ”

Donald Trump

"I think you should tell everything honestly and explain it to the Americans."

One of the main topics of debate was recent publications in the conservative American media, which claimed that Trump's campaign headquarters managed to gain access to the hard drives of the personal laptops of Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic candidate. From the e-mail messages, it allegedly followed that Joe Biden's son took advantage of his father's official position, who was then vice president, in order to get lucrative contracts in Ukraine and China. The correspondence also featured an amount of $ 3,5 million, which was allegedly transferred to the younger Biden by the wife of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina.

“I've never taken a dime from a foreign country in my life,” Joe Biden replied. - But Trump's friend Rudy Giuliani is being used as a Russian pawn. He is being fed Russian false information. And what after that? Nothing. And then you will find out that everything that happens here is that Russia is doing everything to ensure that I am not elected as the next president. After all, they understand that I know them, and they know me ”.

Many leading American newspapers and TV channels refused to publish this compromising material, citing the fact that so far these claims have not been supported by substantial evidence. Some social networks have also blocked the spread of this information.

Economic Assistance Program

Donald Trump

“[House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi does not want to approve this [decision]. We are ready, we want and can do something. Do not forget: we have already approved three plans ... But now she does not want to do this, because she believes that it will help her from a political point of view.

In the spring of this year, the US Congress approved a program of economic assistance to Americans in the face of a pandemic, according to which almost every resident received a check for $ 1200, as well as additional assistance of $ 500 for every child under 17 years old.

The program for granting gratuitous loans to small and medium-sized businesses was approved separately.

Attempts to replicate these payments have met with reluctance by Senate Republicans to agree a bailout plan with the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Immigration policy

Donald Trump

“Most of these children came here without their parents. Coyotes brought them here, drug cartels brought them in and gangs brought them in. "

Several recent publications in the American media claimed that more than 500 children of migrants who tried to enter the United States across the border with Mexico were separated from their parents, and now the American authorities can not determine exactly who these children should be returned to.

During the debate, Trump argued that the policy of imprisoning immigrants was introduced by the Obama administration, and Joe Biden insisted that the practice of separation of families was an initiative of the current US president.

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Joe Biden

“There is institutionalized racism in America. I never told my daughter: if the police stop you on the road, don't try to reach the glove compartment in the car, because someone might shoot you ... But if you are a black parent (no matter how rich or not), you must explain to your children that they should not wear a hood when they cross the road. ”

The problems of racism have become one of the key issues in the United States after the murder of African American George Floyd by police in May this year. After that, a wave of protests swept through the country's largest cities, and the BLM (Black Lives Matters) movement became an impressive political force. During the debate, Biden said he was going to achieve the elimination of racial inequality, and Trump said that his main task was to establish "law and order" in the country.

You can watch the final debates in Russian here.

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