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Tornadoes hit the south of the United States: five dead and massive destruction

Violent storms that have killed at least five people in Alabama continue to wreak havoc after moving to Georgia. Writes about it Weather.

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Shortly after midnight, the National Weather Service announced a tornado in Newnan, Georgia. The city, located about 35 miles (56 km) southwest of Atlanta, was badly damaged.

Newnan High School suffered extensive damage. The Cowet School District announced that all educational institutions will be closed due to the effects of the tornado. Both personal and virtual classes have been canceled.

On Thursday, March 25, deadly storms swept through several settlements.

As a result, at least five people died that day in a tornado in Calhoun County, east of Birmingham, Alabama.

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Four victims lived in Okhatchi, in particular a family of three and a man who lived in a mobile home. A fifth person also died in a mobile home in Wellington.

“There have been numerous reports of injuries and deaths in the Okhatchee / Wellington area due to the recent confirmed tornado,” the Calhoun County Emergency Management Department said in a statement. "Search and rescue work is still ongoing, and as we collect information, we will publish updates."

Alabama Emergency Management Director Brian Hastings has urged residents to remain vigilant.

“There will be many injuries, but we hope to minimize the number of deaths,” Hastings warned The Weather Channel.

As of late March 25 night, at least half a dozen tornadoes have been confirmed in Alabama, one in Mississippi and one in Tennessee.

Mind-boggling damage

Jake Armstrong, who lives on Boiling Springs Road in Ohatchi, came home from work to find that his house had completely disappeared.

"I don't know where he is," Armstrong said bitterly.

Behind the house were the twisted debris of a small building. One of Armstrong's dogs is missing.

Another disappeared not far from his house.

“The house is gone,” said Harold Maguirk. "It was blown away by the wind."

Buddy West, whose house survived, survived more than one tornado.

“This is the worst I've ever seen,” says West.

More than 35 homes and businesses in Alabama are de-energized. There were 000 blackouts reported in Georgia and about 8 in Tennessee.

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Several Alabama school districts have announced their closure. Other affected areas have already closed for spring break.

A police officer was struck by lightning in Florence, Alabama, while building roadway barricades on Thursday afternoon March 25. The press release said he was conscious and quickly responded to the incident.

Dozens of homes have been damaged in Pelham, Alabama.

Pelham Fire Chief Mike Reid said 22 houses were badly damaged and about 40 more were damaged.

“Fortunately, we were not informed of the injuries, and we conducted primary and secondary searches in both areas that were most affected,” Reid explained.

Pelham Police Chief Pat Chitwood said the post-tornado scene was devastating.

“It broke my heart when I saw the damage done to these homes,” Chitwood said.

Every night from 22:00 pm to 6:00 am, residents will be subject to a curfew until Monday, March 29th.

“Our priority right now is to identify those citizens who need urgent medical attention,” said Sheriff John Samaniego, Shelby County. "Then we will work to provide the necessary resources to the residents."

Several homes were damaged in the Eagle Point area and Shelby County. As captain of the rescue service Grant Wilkerson said, some people were forced to leave their homes,

Hoover Fire Department assisted one injured person at Greystone Farms; an ambulance was called to transport the second person.

In Georgia, students were evacuated from Cedartown High School in Polk County after the roof of the cafeteria collapsed and a gas pipeline ruptured.

School officials said classes will be canceled at all schools in the district on Friday, March 25.

“We have many families with damaged homes and widespread power outages,” the statement said. Several roads are blocked by fallen trees, and schools were assessed for wind and water damage.

Extensive damage southeast of Tuscaloosa was reported the same day later in the cities of Centerville and Brent, when another tornado traveled 90 miles (144 km) across the state.

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At the airport of the city, the element damaged planes and hangars. Mayor Mike Oakley said the airport was "completely lost": some planes turned upside down, while others "flew" into the forest.

In parts of Tennessee, including Nashville, trees and power lines have been knocked down by hail and wind.

First Lady Jill Biden canceled a previously planned trip to Alabama due to worsening weather conditions.

“With everyone in Alabama and those affected by the harsh weather in the south tonight in mind, I pray for grieving families. Please stay safe, ”she wrote on Twitter.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has declared a state of emergency in 46 counties. More than two dozen tornadoes hit Alabama last week, including EF1 that struck Moundville.

Officials in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and other parts of the South have called on residents to prepare for severe weather and potentially dangerous tornadoes.

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