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Is it possible to buy quality clothes for the minimum wage in the USA: the experience of an immigrant

What can you buy in the USA for the minimum wage? The author found it out the blog "Americano | Americano" on "Yandex.Zen".

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Next - from the first person.

I decided to conduct an experiment and find out what can be bought for the minimum daily wage, for example, a janitor or a room cleaner. In other words, the minimum wage in the States.

I live in California, the state minimum wage is $ 12 per hour. It turns out that for a 12-hour shift, you should not receive less than $ 140. Maybe a little more, $ 150-160 dollars. And then I thought: is it possible to dress normally, wear good clothes with such a salary? So I decided to check.

Taking $ 150 with me, I drove to the nearest clothing store. I went specifically not to the economy segment, but to a regular, normal store.

My goal was to completely change my clothes for this amount ($ 150), that is, shoes, pants, top.

Let's start with shoes as from the essentials.

I bought Calvin Klein sneakers - a fairly well-known brand, decent quality, casual style (I note that I bought them for myself, that is, as a middle-class person, I will not be ashamed to go to work in such shoes or walk around the city). Nice, high quality shoes.

The sneakers cost $ 43. Of course, there were also cheaper ones, but the goal of the experiment was not a cheap segment, but good, high-quality things.

Then the question arose pants - I settled on jeans.

On the subject: What part of the salary is spent on products by residents of Russia, the USA and other countries

I took jeans in gray-sand colors (I saw that now many people go in this color, and I myself decided to keep up with fashion). They cost me $ 20. By the way, I forgot to say: it was Levays - I think many are familiar with this brand: good quality, again, not a cheap piece of clothing.

In total, I have already spent $ 63, it remains to buy top for completeness of the image.

Since I live in California (it is almost always hot here, only in winter or in rainy weather I have to wear a sweater or light jacket), then I go in t-shirts and shirts for about eight months a year. Therefore, I decided to take something in between a T-shirt and a jacket - a long-sleeved T-shirt! Convenient: in the heat, the sleeve can be rolled up, in the cool - release.

The last point is sleeveless T-shirt.

There is not much difference here, and almost all T-shirts cost between $ 5 and $ 15. If we talk about fleece jackets, then they are about $ 10- $ 25. Again, I will note that I stopped my choice not on some obscure manufacturer, but on the rather well-known brand “Helly Hansen”.

As a result, I completely dressed in famous brands and spent only $ 73.

Let me remind you that this is only half of the minimum wage per day. The remaining money is enough for two more trips to the cafe. But what was the purpose of this experiment? Check, using the example of buying good clothes, whether the minimum wage in the States is sufficient for a normal life. The conclusion is definitely clear.

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