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Battleship ships of Russia and Ukraine from Kerch: what is known at the moment

On Sunday evening, Russian border guards with shooting detained three Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait area. As stated in the FSB, they illegally crossed the Russian border and did not respond to the requirement to stop. The Ukrainian authorities accused Russia of aggression and raised the issue of imposing martial law in the country.

How events developed and what is known about the incident at the moment, writes Air force.


On the morning of November 25, the Ukrainian small armored boats "Berdyansk" and "Nikopol", as well as the tugboat "Yany Kapu" began a planned transition from Odessa to Mariupol. At the Kerch Strait, they were met by Russian border ships, one of which rammed a Ukrainian tug.

The FSB of Russia claims that Ukrainian vessels crossed the state border of Russia and “illegally entered the temporarily closed water area”.

The Ukrainian Navy said they had warned the Russian side in advance about the transition.


The FSB claims that the Ukrainians have expelled two Gyurza-class armored artillery ships from the Azov port of Berdyansk. Later, the Russian secret service reported that they were on the opposite course.

Russia, in turn, flew Su-25 attack aircraft and Ka-52 attack helicopters. The video, in which the attack aircraft patrol the airspace over the Kerch Strait, was published by the Kerch.Info portal.

Closed strait

After lunch, the strait was blocked - a ship stopped under the Crimean bridge and blocked the fairway. Russia first explained the closure by “grounding a tanker in front of the bridge from the Azov Sea side,” and by evening the FSB announced that the strait was closed to civilian ships for security reasons.

On Monday morning, the general director of the Crimean Sea Ports enterprise Aleksey Volkov announced the resumption of civilian shipping in the Kerch Strait.

The battle

In the evening, Ukraine first, and then Russia, reported that the Ukrainian ships were fired upon and captured.

According to the FSB, at about 19:00 Ukrainian boats "made another attempt at illegal actions within the territorial sea of ​​the Russian Federation." At the same time, they did not react to demands for an immediate stop and “made dangerous maneuvers”.

“For the purpose of forcibly stopping Ukrainian warships, weapons have been used,” the FSB DSP said, adding that three Ukrainian servicemen were injured as a result.

The Ukrainian side claims that Russia used weapons against the Ukrainian ships that were already returning to Odessa, without having received information about the possibility of passage through the Kerch Strait.

As stated by the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, not having received the 17: 00 information, the ships of the Ukrainian Navy decided to return to the station of permanent basing.

“During the passage of ships from the holding area to a permanent base, somewhere at a distance of 13-14 miles from the Crimean coast, in the region of 40 kilometers southeast of Kerch, the ships, which were accompanied by ships and ships of the Russian Federation, were fired upon, blocked and on them weapons were used to kill, ”he said.

The fate of the crew and ships

According to Muzhenko, there were 23 people on the Ukrainian ships captured by Russia, the connection with which is now lost.

“The fate of the sailors is unknown to us, there is only information about six wounded, two of them are heavy,” he said during a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

The FSB of Russia reported that three wounded Ukrainians received medical assistance.

On Monday, the Kerch hospital told TASS that the Ukrainian military is in a stable condition. “Everything is fine, not getting worse. They feel great, ”said the agency's interlocutor, specifying that now investigators are on duty at the hospital.

According to sources from Reuters and Interfax, the detained Ukrainian ships were delivered to the port of Kerch.

On Monday, the President of Ukraine made a statement to the Russian authorities. He demanded the immediate release of the Ukrainian sailors and the return of detained ships to Ukraine.

Poroshenko at the same time stressed that he expects a quick reaction to his appeal.


Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of provocations.

“Their goal is clear - to create a conflict situation in this region,” the FSB said.

“Provocative actions on the part of the Russian Federation in the Black and Azov Seas crossed the border and became already aggressive,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry replied.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov on Monday called the incident in the Kerch Strait "a very dangerous provocation" requiring serious investigation.

Martial law

At night, the President of Ukraine called a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC). He regarded the incident as an "act of military aggression" and came to the conclusion that it was necessary to introduce martial law in the country.

This decision should be approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which will hold an emergency meeting on Monday evening.

By order of the head of the General Staff of Ukraine, the armed forces of the country have already been put on full alert. The police switched to enhanced duty.

International reaction

NATO and the European Union called on the parties to show restraint and defuse the situation as soon as possible.

The Estonian and Georgian authorities issued statements condemning Russia's actions. “The attack on Ukrainian ships and their detention is a gross violation of international maritime law and endangers the security of the entire region,” Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani wrote on his social media page.

“I condemn Russia's activities to seize the naval vessels of Ukraine, close the Kerch Strait and aggression against Ukraine,” said Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas.

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