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Many new records: 2020 was rich in natural disasters

According to data cited in a UN report published in early December, 2020 was the year of extreme hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, melting ice ice all over the world. About all the cataclysms of 2020, the publication told "Voice of America".

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“In 2020, more than 50 million people in the world were hit twice: from climate-related emergencies (floods, droughts and storms), as well as from the COVID-19 pandemic,” the UN report says. "The countries of Central America have been hit by a triple blow - from hurricanes Eta and Iota, COVID-19 and the humanitarian crises that exist there."

Hurricanes in the Atlantic

For only the second time in history the entire alphabet was used for the names of the Atlantic hurricanes (names are given to storms with wind speeds of 63-117 kilometers per hour).

2020 hurricane season breaks 2005 record (Hurricane Katrina appeared that season) - 2020 storms were recorded in 30, powerful enough to be named.

This hurricane season was named the most active on record. ABC News.

Twelve named storms hit the continental United States this season, breaking the 1916 record for nine storms hitting land.

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Six of the storms that hit the shore were classified as hurricanes, double the normal rate for a single season.

It is believed that global warming makes hurricanes more powerfulbecause hurricanes are formed due to higher sea surface temperatures, and it is this warm water that "feeds" hurricanes.

Experts warn that soon the strength and destructiveness of storms forming in the Atlantic could lead to the need to introduce the 6th power category.

Forest fires

According to experts, 2020 was also the year of the most active wildfires on record in the western United States.

Wildfires have burned out more than 1,5 million hectares of land in California - almost double the previous record in 2018.

Five of the state's six largest fires have been reported this year.

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This year three of the four largest fires in Colorado history break out... The Cameron Peak Fire in Colorado, which raged for 112 days, was the largest in the state's history.

By September 2020, California reached the highest number of burned acres in one yeardespite the fact that the season of fires lasts until the end of November.

According to climatologists, the massive fires in California may be associated with a drought in the southwest of the country that has lasted for about two decades.

The hottest year in history

2020 brought "record warmth" to much of the US Southwest, and August, September and October were the hottest months on record in California.

Temperatures have been above average in 48 states this year. In the city of Feniscus (Arizona), a record for hot weather was recorded for the first time - the temperature above 38 degrees Celsius lasted 144 days.

August has the highest temperature on Earth, 54,4 ° C (130 F). was recorded in Death Valley National Park in California.

Globally, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) January and September were the warmest on record.

According to experts, 2020 is likely to be among the three hottest. Chances are that 2020 will be the hottest year on record, a title currently held by 2016.

On the subject: In 10 years, climate change will cost us $ 20 billion a year

Meteorologists believe that climate change is the main cause of record heatand more records are to be expected next year.

“The years we are experiencing now are not just the warmest years on record, they will be some of the coolest on record for the 21st century,” said climate scientist Jason Smerdon.

Rains and floods

Heavy rains and rising water levels caused two dams near Midland, Michigan to collapse and 10 residents were evacuated due to flooding.


At least 140 tornadoes were recorded in the mid-US in April. These tornadoes have become the deadliest since 2014.

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Tennessee was hit hardest by the tornado. According to the National Meteorological Service, there were 35 on the staff. In Tennessee alone, tornadoes killed 28 people.

One the tornado was even rarer due to the duration of the strong windswhich lasted from 30 to 60 minutes instead of the usual 10-20 minutes.

This challenging year in the United States has caused staggering economic damage. As of early October in 2020, there were 16 weather events, the losses from which exceeded $ 1 billion, which was the record for the number of weather disasters for a billion dollars from 2011 to 2017.

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