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What customers say: 10 of the best products you can buy at Aldi

For the third year in a row, Aldi surveys thousands of its customers to compile a list of their favorite products. Edition Insider published the 2021 list.

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The budget store launched its first list in 2019, this year it includes snacks, popular dishes, breakfast items, drinks and dinners.

Since the inception of the competition, 360 Aldi customers have taken part in the voting. In 000, 2021% of shoppers shop at Aldi at least once a week.

Top 10 Most Popular Aldi Products in 2021

Appleton Farms' Sliced ​​Bacon Wins Iconic

Aldi's Cult Favorite category has a new winner in 2021 - premium sliced ​​Appleton Farms bacon.

Bagels are a favorite for breakfast

If you want to start your day off to a good start, stock up on bagels at Aldi.

They entered this list for the first time in the Must-Have Mornings category.

Clancy's kettle chips are a favorite snack

It's no secret that Aldi is the perfect place to get fun new snacks.

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The store always fills its shelves with unique finds, but this year, shoppers can't get enough of the classic Clancy chips. They come in a variety of seasonal varieties. For example, with the taste of hot chicken or Cuban sandwich.

Lactose-free milk from Friendly Farms is a favorite product for a healthy diet

Aldi buyers voted for Friendly Farms lactose-free milk. It comes in almond, coconut and oatmeal.

Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts won the Dinner category

The Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breast won this year's Best Dinner Dish category.

This affordable and versatile product can be used in salads, tacos, or as a pasta addition.

Aldi's Huntington Home scented candles with 3 wicks

Throughout the year, Aldi regularly releases new fragrances for its three Huntington Home wick candles.

This year, buyers voted for this home item in the Guess Who's Back category.

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Mama Cozzi's pizza ranked for the third year in a row

For the third year in a row, a fan favorite, Mama Cozzi Takeout Pizza was the top pick in the Mama Knows Best category.

The quick and easy dinner option includes a variety of flavors, including classics like cheese and pepperoni, as well as seasonal flavors like chicken.

The most popular drink this year was PurAqua Belle Vie sparkling water

Winner of the Drink and Enjoy category, PurAqua Belle Vie sparkling water is ideal for non-alcoholic cocktails, relaxing by the pool or just for daily use.

Happy Farms Cheese wins Little Fan Favorite

They may not shop, but Aldi's youngest fans still have a say on the favorites list.

The children chose Happy Farms cheese, which has been on the list of winners for three years in a row.

Strawberries are the most popular product at Aldi this year

Aldi products are popular due to their low price, and juicy strawberries are no exception.

Customers voted for the berry to win a prize in the Freshness Preservation category.

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