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Opinion: why the ban on firearms will not stop the mass shootings in the United States

In just one week, from 28 July to 3 August, our country survived three massacres - in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. 34 people were killed and 53 wounded.

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Over the past 15 years, 20 such crimes have occurred, recalls Grigory Gurevich for “Continent“. They happened in weapon-free zones. People with firearms are prohibited from entering these areas. Criminals know that in gun-free zones, they will not be stopped. According to the Crime Preventation Research Center (CPRC), from 1998 to July 2019, 89% of massacres occurred in these areas. And yet, the left insists on keeping them.

Massacres again attracted the attention of politicians and journalists to solve the acute problem of combating crimes committed with the use of firearms. Some say that this weapon is to blame. Others draw attention to poor compliance with existing gun laws and require a more rigorous examination of the mental state of gun owners. Most agree that extremist statements contribute to the desire to commit a crime. Owners of firearms with mental disabilities, political extremism, and laws governing the acquisition and possession of weapons have existed before. If only they were the causes of the massacres, then probably the level of homicides would not change dramatically. But this is not so. Since the end of the 90's, there has been a marked increase in massacres. This is especially observed over the past 12 years. Why?

Left-wing politicians claim that the US Constitution, which, in their opinion, is inhuman and racist, should be blamed for the massacres. Another culprit is a criminal tool, i.e. firearms. Leftists do not see or understand the influence of the environment in which the criminals were brought up on the formation of their moral values.

Over the past decades, a moral decline has occurred in our country, which was actively promoted by the left. Everything that was once considered obscene and immoral is today glorified and encouraged by the left. Human life is so devalued that left-wing journalists, along with Democrats, approve of the murder of a child at the time of his birth, because his mother “changed her mind”. Proponents of such killings convince us that a woman has the right to his life at the time of birth. Almost all Democrats approve of killing children in the last stages of pregnancy. In 2015, 1743 babies died daily as a result of abortions. For leftists and democrats, “advocates for women's rights,” this killing of the most innocent and defenseless members of our society is legal and justified. By the way, the number of abortions in 2015 was the lowest in recent years.

American films, TV shows, and video games are filled with violent scenes that have a devastating effect on young people. In the left-wing media, in the name of “tolerance and openness”, hatred and violence is preached to those who do not share the point of view of the carriers of “tolerance and openness”. Decades of liberalism have made violence the only way to resolve disagreements.

Before the massacres, the criminals left their manifestos with the goal of glorifying their name and convincing others of the correctness of their decision. In the manifesto of the killer from El Paso, some expressions from the trump Twitter were used. This gave rise to the president’s opponents to accuse him of provoking this massacre. The fact that this criminal had mental problems is ignored by the left.

The Dayton killer is an established left-wing extremist. In his manifesto, he emphasized that his opinion about illegal immigration and other issues of domestic life in the United States was formed before the election campaign of Trump in 2016. He also wrote: “I put this here because some people will blame the president for this attack. This is not true. I know that in any case I will be called a supporter of White superiority and will blame Trump's rhetoric. The media is notorious for fake news. Their reaction to this attack is likely to confirm this. ”

Dayton shooter Connor Betts and his sister, whom he killed during the execution. Photo: Facebook Moira Cofer Betts

Dayton's killer was right. All left-wing journalists and presidential contenders for the Democratic Party claim that Trump is also to blame for the massacre in Dayton. On his Twitter account, the Dayton killer wrote that he “would be happy to vote for Elizabeth Warren,” an extremely left-wing Democrat who claims to be the president of the United States, and that he “was upset about the results of the 2016 election.” He added: “I want socialism and I won’t wait until idiots finally come to understand this. ”

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Leftist extremism, not Trump's rhetoric, pushed the criminal from Dayton to commit a massacre. The left, of course, did not condemn the extremist ideology of this killer.

Leftists say that a ban on the possession of firearms, or at least a sharp tightening of the rules on their possession, will lead to a drastic decrease in crime and even the disappearance of crimes involving firearms. According to the left, if all the firearms held by the Americans disappear, then the violence will disappear. But criminals can impose their will on others using a knife, a baseball bat, a brick, a hammer, and anything that can cause pain and suffering.

The ban on the sale of any popular product always leads to the emergence of a black market controlled by criminal leaders. The black market enriches them. So it was with a ban on the sale of alcohol and drugs. The same thing happens with firearms. In those places where very strict anti-weapons rules exist, there is a black arms market. The ban on firearms will not lead to its disappearance.

Leftists do not understand that firearms equate physically weak people with physically stronger criminals. In less than a month, the Internet did not receive a message that elderly people with a gun stopped the criminal who was trying to rob them, or how a simple American with firearms prevented the criminal from trying to rob a bar or a store. It is not true that the world would be safer without weapons. In such a world, the power emanating from criminals rules. This truth is proved by the growth of crimes in cities where the toughest anti-weapons laws have been adopted.

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Patrick Crusius, shooter from El Paso. Photo: Law Enforcement Source

Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore, led by Democrats for many years, have very strict laws that limit the ability to acquire weapons and store them. It is these cities that lead in the United States in terms of killings on 100 thousand people. For example, Baltimore was ahead of Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala in this indicator. This year, Chicago stubbornly seeks to take first place in the United States in the number of victims of firearms.

Here is a chronicle of recent weeks. From 26th to 28th July 8 people were killed, 48 were wounded; from 2 to 4 August 7 people were killed, 46 were wounded; from August 9 to 11, 5 people were killed, 47 wounded. A total of 20 killed and 141 wounded. From the beginning of this year to the first half of August, 309 people have already been killed in Chicago. This is 55 more people than in the same period last year (on the first weekend of September in Chicago, 8 more people were killed and 35 wounded - ForumDaily approx).

But this year is not over yet. All left-wing media outlets, like all Democratic candidates for the post of US president, stubbornly ignore these terrible facts. Why? Because Trump cannot be blamed for this bloody massacre.
The ban on possession of firearms does not stop criminals. London clearly proves this. In this city, a law has been in force for several years, practically prohibiting the possession of firearms. As a result, the number of knife killings has risen sharply. “Knife crimes” have become a national disaster. From April 2017 to March 2018 in London, 285 people died as a result of knife attacks. The murder rate in London in 2018 exceeded the murder rate in New York.

In August, the 2019 Center for Disease Control and Preventation (CDC) published a report on the causes of gun violence in the United States. Causes such as mental illness, political activity, marital status, cultural heritage, existing weapons laws, and video games were examined.

It turned out that the main reason for the violence was the presence of political opponents. For this reason, people are killed 3,5 – 16 times more than for other reasons. The study covered the time from 1966 to 2019. The authors of the study believe that it is necessary to make crowded places less accessible for the criminal (shopping centers, public catering places, schools and others), tighten control over the possession of weapons by critically ill people, complicate the search for potential like-minded future criminals on the Internet and block opportunities hate propaganda on the Internet. The report notes that almost all future killers report their plans in advance. Today, law enforcement agencies practically do not pay attention to this.

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In his address to the American people after the massacres in El Paso and Dayton, Trump said the administration is considering several steps to prevent such killings. Namely:

- identification of dangerous persons and threats emanating from them;

- toughening laws on the control of mentally unhealthy people who own firearms;

- tightening control over video games and TV shows.

Democrats insist on the practical disarmament of law-abiding American citizens. They, the Democrats, ignore the obvious fact that weapons are inanimate objects, and depending on who they are in their hands, they can be used for different purposes. Both our American experience and the experience of foreign countries show that any anti-weapons laws do not apply to criminals. The implementation of such laws leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless in the face of an armed criminal. In addition, the disarmament of citizens is the first step towards the emergence of totalitarian power against the people.

Recent massacres have led to the politicization of the search for ways to reduce the level of crime with firearms. Such politicization sharply divides people and makes it very difficult to find solutions to this pressing problem.

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