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Opinion of an immigrant businessman: is it possible to succeed in the USA without English

Hello! With you again Timur Mirzaev, a business enthusiast and a person who knows how to succeed in the United States. If you also want to know about this, then subscribe to my instagram.

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Subscribers sometimes ask me if it is possible to come to the States and do business without speaking English.

I met in the USA a lot of people from post-Soviet countries who, having lived in the country even for 10-15 years, still do not speak English. Or they use a limited set of words necessary for a minimum understanding: buy products, communicate at work, etc.

They usually prefer to live in Russian-speaking areas in order to feel more comfortable at home. In any field of activity in the United States, you can find a person who speaks Russian. So you can live without language. But better not 🙂

Your opportunities in communication and opportunities, and in principle, will be severely limited in this case.

The English language is quite easy and it is not difficult to learn it to a good conversational level, you can do it in about a year of hard work on yourself.

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English today is the language of business, the language of success, freedom of communication and broadening one's horizons.

And my opinion is that when moving to another country, it makes sense to speak the language in which this country lives. And then it will be even more comfortable for you to live there.

And for any businessman who wants personal growth for himself and development for business, English is simply a must do.

I think everyone who wants to achieve heights in business must speak English.

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Force yourself to learn this language. Everyone can do it, the main thing is to want. Don't listen to talk about lack of inclination for languages, etc.

How to learn English

I have a fairly good level of English, I can communicate on any topic and resolve any issue.

I started to learn the language from childhood. I went to school with an English bias, and by the time I entered the university I already knew him pretty well.

But for 4 years of study at the university, I forgot the language, despite the fact that I worked in a travel agency. There was little speaking practice, mostly writing, but not speaking.

After graduating from university, he left for Japan, where he lived for 3,5 years. I studied and lived with Japanese and foreign students, with whom I had to communicate a lot in English - as a result, I improved my conversational level quite well.

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Upon arrival in the United States, I had absolutely no language barrier. And this is perhaps the most important thing in learning a new language - I was not ashamed to speak! Yes, I have mistakes in speech, but I am not a native speaker, and it does not stop me. The main thing is that I can clearly convey my thoughts and solve any problem.

In business, I mostly have a Russian-speaking team. This is not very conducive to language practice.

I rarely communicate with American partners and clients, so there is one more tool in my arsenal for self-development - communication with a carrier 3-4 hours a week on various topics in a free conversation mode.

Thus, I maintain the level of the language at a sufficient level for comfortable communication with Americans.

That's all the tricks. Trust me, you can do that too!

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