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The Ministry of Culture of Russia has created a list of traditional values ​​for the inhabitants of the country and called the United States a threat to them

The Russian Ministry of Culture has prepared a list of “traditional” values ​​for the people of the country for Vladimir Putin to sign. The draft presidential decree, which describes which values ​​are characteristic of Russians and which are alien, has been published for public discussion, reports with the BBC.

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Document text available on the federal portal of normative legal acts. The name of the decree is “On the Approval of the Fundamentals of State Policy for the Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values”.

These values ​​are listed there:

“Traditional values ​​include: life, dignity, human rights and freedoms, patriotism, citizenship, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its destiny, high moral ideals, a strong family, creative work, the priority of the spiritual over the material, humanism, mercy, justice, collectivism, mutual assistance and mutual respect, historical memory and the continuity of generations, the unity of the peoples of Russia,” the draft decree says.

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Threats to traditional Russian values, as the authors point out, are carried out by the activities of extremist and terrorist organizations, the actions of the United States and its allies, the activities of transnational corporations, foreign non-profit organizations, as well as reforms that do not take into account traditions.

“The ideological and psychological impact on the citizens of Russia leads to the planting of a system of ideas and values ​​that is alien to the Russian people and destructive for the Russian society,” the authors continue.

Values ​​“alien” to Russians are also listed in the document: the cult of selfishness, permissiveness, immorality, the denial of the ideals of patriotism, service to the Fatherland, procreation, creative labor, Russia’s positive contribution to world history and culture.

The authors of the project see the task of the state in “counteracting destructive ideology”.

“Nihilism plus patriotism”

“There is no such thing as “Russian values”, there is such a thing as “values”, which some of the people have to a small extent, as, apparently, those who wrote this rather stupid paper. Because in Russia there are no such values ​​that you can implement and expect that the population will be guided by them. This has been verified many times in Russian history. Russia is a country where the lining of all ideological experiments coming from above is nihilism. And you get just different versions of “nihilism plus”. Nihilism plus pseudo-Orthodoxy, nihilism plus patriotism.

Even the code of the builder of communism was more liberal: it outlined some directions, some ideal mainstream for that time - adaptations, Soviet loyalty. And this is a confused document, where real values ​​are named in the same row and next to them is the denial of something. This does not even give rise to doublethink, as in Soviet times, when the official ideology was still taken seriously. What we see now is confusion in the minds of some petty officials,” says political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky.

“Priority of the spiritual over the material”

“The Ministry of Culture proposes to approve a list of “traditional spiritual and moral values” subject to state protection by presidential decree. There is “patriotism”, “citizenship”, “service to the Fatherland”, “high moral ideals”, “priority of the spiritual over the material”, and so on. All this is now being offered by the authorities for public discussion. Probably, at the same time they happily rub their hands: here, they say, how famously we manage the agenda.

In fact, the only consequence of discussing this initiative will be the feeling that the authorities in the country suffer from nonsense. After all, it is obvious that they themselves do not possess any of the listed qualities, which means they are trying to discuss some kind of fiction: “Something they themselves invented and now they want people to take this nonsense seriously. Yep, right now! And people will also get angry about the “priority of the spiritual over the material”. “It’s easy for them to talk there – with their income,” the average Russian will say, “and you try to live on our beggarly salary,” says political scientist Abbas Gallyamov.

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“In general, the main enemy of Russia is Maslow's pyramid. It assumes that the needs of a higher order are actualized as the lower ones are satisfied. Before you talk to a person about high things, you need to feed him. The Russian authorities fail to feed the people, but instead they climb with the priority of the spiritual over the material,” he adds.

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