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Biden selected the mayor of Los Angeles in his administration: city residents protest

For two weeks, protests have continued outside the residence of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. They began after the media received information about the possible appointment of Garcetti to a post in the administration of Joe Biden in Washington. Activists are clearly not satisfied with this turn of events. See the video for more details on the protests. "Voices of America".

Screenshot from the video "Voice of America"

Every morning it is unusually noisy under the windows of the house of the mayor of Los Angeles in the respectable area of ​​Hancock Park. The activists are noisy because of their great love for the mayor and fear of losing him, but because they are sure that Garcetti has no place in big politics.

The protests at the mayor's house sometimes end with arrests, but activists of the Black Lives Matter movement are not going to retreat. Especially after it became known for sure that Garcetti was selected to the inauguration committee.

“We are against any presence of Eric Garcetti in Joe Biden's office. He is the worst mayor in the history of our country. He gave the LAPD financial strength, ”says activist Melina Abdula.

Screenshot from the video "Voice of America"

“Garcetti personifies neoliberalism. Embodies that very white superiority. He pretends to take care of people and their problems. But it doesn't really do anything, even though it can, ”said Joseph Williams.

“I have lived in Los Angeles for a long time and I see how the number of homeless people has grown, and all this during his reign. He came up with ideas that would solve the problem, but it got worse, ”says Los Angeles resident Rebekah.

Young, ambitious Democrat Eric Garcetti has ruled Los Angeles since 2013. The mayor often emphasizes his origins - Mexican with Italian and Jewish roots. He is on the side of immigrants, both legal and not. Garcetti talks a lot about the homeless, allocates funds to solve their problems, but there are no fewer people on the streets, for which the mayor is often criticized.

His main achievement is considered to be the transportation reform in Los Angeles - the construction of new large-scale interchanges and an increase in the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour.

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“Garcetti is one of the most respected mayors in the country and in the world. He pays a lot of attention to climate change issues. He is famous for his good reputation and it was he who made sure that Los Angeles will host the Olympic Games in 2028, ”says politician Zev Yaroslavsky.

The politician Zev Jaroslavsky worked for the Los Angeles City Hall for many years. In his opinion, Eric Garcetti has every chance of moving to Washington.

“He has a close relationship with Joe Baden. Garcetti is one of the first to support him. They have been communicating since the reign of President Barack Obama. They have a good personal relationship, the question is, what place gives Biden the mayor of Los Angeles. Garcetti is strong on transportation issues, and the candidacy for the post of head of the US Department of Transportation has not yet been announced. Garcetti has every chance of getting it, ”Jaroslavsky said.

Screenshot from the video "Voice of America"

So far, all this talk is only at the level of rumors. It is known for sure that the mayor, who was previously involved in the election campaign, is now deciding the organizational moments of his inauguration.

“I guess the mayor’s inauguration is like a consolation prize because Biden has a list of stronger candidates in his cabinet,” says sociologist Lisa Lights.

The mayor himself is silent, he does not react to the protests at his house, stingily answering journalists that he is not going to change anything yet. He says that now all his thoughts are aimed at combating the coronavirus, the number of infections in Los Angeles is growing, and the rating of local authorities against this background is rolling down.

“The protests are caused by disappointment not only because of the brutal actions of the police, but also because of the consequences of the coronavirus. The minority is very disappointed with the actions of the Californian authorities. Garcetti are attacked from different directions. The number of homicides in the city has increased and this is not the best time to be mayor, ”says Lights.

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Political analysts believe that the early resignation of the mayor at such a difficult moment for the city may be negatively perceived by its residents. Perhaps Garcetti will go for promotion in 2 years, when his term of office officially expires.

However, there are enough Californian politicians in the next administration even without Garcetti. This is Kamala Harris and the current California Attorney General Javier Bessera, whom Joe Biden nominated for the post of head of the US Department of Health.

Garcetti himself was also going to participate in the 2020 presidential race. But he withdrew the candidacy in early 2019, citing a love of California sunsets.

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