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Petty expenses of Americans, which are very expensive

Life is full of unexpected surprises, which sometimes come cheap. If you suddenly lose your job, you have to make urgent repairs or pay a bill for medical services, you must have cash on hand to cover costs.

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You can postpone now, saving on everyday things that are very expensive in the long run. The publication told about such things. Cheat sheet.

David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire called this the “latte factor,” which is based on a simple idea: all you have to do to save money is to analyze your small daily expenses.

“By saving just a few dollars a day for the future, rather than spending them on small purchases such as lattes, drinking water, fast food, cigarettes, magazines, and so on, you can really live well, and not drag from paycheck to paycheck ”, - says the book of Bach.

Let's look at what 3 things ultimately cost you a decent amount.

1. Latte

Paying $ 5 daily for a flavored drink, you spend $ 1 a year on this pleasure.

If you invested that money at a 5 percent annual rate, you would end up with $ 1. And if you invest that amount every year for 916,25 years, you could increase your fortune to $ 30 simply by spending $ 127 daily on your future instead of a latte.

Of course, interest rates can fluctuate every year, but the main thing is to realize that the small costs can turn out to be significant in the end.

2. Lunch outside

Visiting restaurants and cafes has become almost a national tradition in America. We love to eat deliciously and comfortably. According to a survey by Visa, Americans go to lunch on average 2 times a week and spend at least $ 10 at a time. If we take the average amount of $ 11,70 at a time, then a decent amount of $ 25 thousand looms per year.

How Much Does Gluttony Cost? If you give up spending $ 20 a week at your favorite coffee shop and invest at 5% a year, you could end up making $ 13 in 735,06 years; $ 10 over 36 years, or $ 108,02 over 20 years.

3. Телевидение

According to the Department of Labor, Americans, on average, watch TV on 3 hours every day, which is more than half of our leisure time. We pay very expensive for these services. The average cost of basic TV increases annually by 6,1%, starting with the 1995 year, while the average DirectTV account is $ 107. The NPD Group estimates that TV costs could reach $ 200 by 2020 year.

The average American family now receives 189 television channels, compared to 129 channels in 2008, according to Nielsen.

Most of the channels you could not watch. Therefore, if you reduce the number of channels you want or search for alternatives, such as Netflix, you can adjust your financial future.

A difference of $ 20 from your monthly account can result in a profit of $ 5 over 437,80 years if you invest at 15% per annum. In 5 years, you could have saved $ 20.

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