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Freemasons, Reptilians, and the Flat Earth: 10 Craziest Conspiracy Theories

There are a lot of downright weird and wacky ideas on the web. Oddly enough, they find their supporters. Conspiracy theories today are no more true than ancient myths. It's just that Prometheus, who gave fire to people, is unlikely to be believed by anyone now, but it is easy to falsify flights to the Moon and the Zionist government. Edition "Life hacker»Collected the 10 most common theories.

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1. The world is ruled by reptilians

A fairly popular theory is the existence of a secret world government. Its supporters argue that the politicians we see every day on TV are just puppets in the hands of the real rulers of the world. True, opinions differ as to who exactly these rulers are.

For example, one poll in 2013 found that 12 million Americans believe their country is ruled by reptile aliens. Queen Elizabeth and her entourage, by the way, are also reptilians.

They drink human blood and engage in cannibalism.

Justin Bieber was also recorded in these creatures. Billie Eilish is also with them, and even moved into the Illuminati. And especially meticulous anti-conspirators even examine and compare the teeth of celebrities in order to recognize aliens.

2. Freemasons and others

According to a 2018 VTsIOM poll, 67% of Russians believe in a secret government. But it does not consist of some kind of reptilians, but of completely human Western oligarchs and even members of the Freemason lodge.

By the way, it is at the behest of these big shots that the history of Russia in all other countries is distorted in order to put it in a bad light. According to the study, "world government" and "rewriting history" are two of the most popular conspiracy theories in Russia.

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The country is also threatened by homosexuals, who allegedly created their own lobby only in order to undermine the spiritual foundations.

In addition to underground oligarchs, LGBT people and reptilians, the world is also ruled by Freemasons, UN Illuminati and Jews. The latter even allegedly use specially trained sharks with GPS sensors to destroy Israel's enemies.

3. No one flew to the moon

Another VTsIOM poll conducted in 2018 showed that 57% of Russians do not believe in flights to the moon. Even the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, may have doubts about landing on this satellite of the Earth, saying that someday Russian cosmonauts will check whether the Americans have landed on the moon.

According to the supporters of this theory, the flights were falsified: they were filmed by Stanley Kubrick, which he allegedly personally confessed before his death.

They say that all the lunar soil brought by the astronauts is fake, and the photographs are faked, because the stars are not visible there. True, in fact, Kubrick died a couple of months before he gave the revealing interview, 382 kilograms of lunar soil lie in the Johnson Space Center, and the stars from the moon were still photographed, but who cares?

4. And to Mars too

In addition to flights to the moon, NASA also faked the landing of rovers on the Red Planet. Curiosity, and before it Vikings, Opportunity and other rovers, actually rode the coast of the rocky island of Devon, located near Canada. This opinion is shared by some Twitter users and some regulars on Reddit.

Skeptics call some suspicious-looking objects caught in the rover's lens as proof.

For example, a fossilized fish skeleton, a human shadow, an Egyptian pyramid and a spider monkey from Devon Island. They have nowhere to come from on Mars, which means that the pictures were taken on Earth. Although spider monkeys do not live on Devon Island, they are particular.

5. The earth is actually flat

That's what the members of the Flat Earth Society say. This organization was founded in 1956 by the English conspiracy theorist Samuel Shenton, and then safely revived in the United States, where it continues to function to this day. A similar society exists in Italy.

Flat-earth adepts believe that our planet is a disk 40 kilometers in diameter with the North Pole in the center. At the edges it is surrounded by walls of ice, which no one is able to overcome.

All photographs from space are fake, and the arguments of those who say that the Earth is round are untenable.

In an interview, former NASA employee Matthew Boylan admitted that he was told about the flat shape of the Earth when he was hired. True, NASA knows nothing about such an employee. And mentions of him are found only in a frankly comic article, which says that he was hired in 1099. Curiously, even then, the Earth was considered round.

6. Moon - painted

The next time you look out the window at night and see a large luminous round thing there, you should know that this is a hologram specially created to mislead people. This is what the famous "researcher" of the conspiracy theories David Icke says. He is echoed by the equally prominent "scientist" Matt Rogers, who believes that the Moon is a projection that covers the mysterious planet Nibiru from us.

The theory has spread, and you can find its apologists on the web. Some watch the satellite of the Earth continuously throughout the year in order to reveal signs of a hologram, others look for inconsistencies in the words of astronauts who allegedly walked on the moon.

True, later David Icke himself reconsidered his views. Now he claims that the moon exists, but it is hollow inside and serves as a base for aliens.

7. J.K. Rowling doesn't exist

Harry Potter fans, you've been deceived all the time! First, there is no magic. Second, J.K. Rowling doesn't exist either. According to the Norwegian director Nina Grunfeld, one woman could not write seven such big books in such a short time (the series was created for about 16 years), and so that they would also be so popular.

Behind it all is the marketing strategy and the work of a group of professional writers.

As an example, Grunfeld cites the novels about Nancy Drew, which were written by a group of authors under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keane.

8. All doctors in the world are in cahoots

Those who believe that these monsters in white coats are saving lives are wrong. According to the proponents of the theory, in fact, all doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers are conspiring to warm their hands on the suffering of people.

30% of those polled in the United States do not believe that HIV came about naturally.

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Most likely, it was created artificially in order to destroy homosexuals. There are those who completely deny the existence of HIV (the virus was allegedly invented by pharmaceutical companies).

Plus, sneaky doctors hide that smartphones cause cancer. And they prevent the spread of homeopathic natural medicines that cure him at once, selling their useless chemistry instead.

And they also invented vaccinations specifically to kill and maim unwanted children. Those who are not killed by vaccines will eventually be destroyed by the ubiquitous GMOs.

Interesting fact: The American Psychological Association found that it is anti-vaccine people who most often believe in other conspiracy theories, while having more health problems than other people.

9. Australia does not exist

In 2017, a thread was created on Reddit in which 17-year-old Swede Shelley Florid put forward a curious theory that Australia does not exist. As you know, a significant part of the settlers who allegedly colonized this continent were convicted criminals. And in fact, the British were simply throwing colonists overboard from their ships.

An entire continent was dreamed up by the British authorities to cover up one of the greatest massacres in history.

All Australians with whom you may have contact are actors or computer generated characters. And if you try to fly to Australia, you will actually be taken to South America.

Shelley Florida's theory received more than 50 comments, 000 people shared it, and many even doubted the existence of the continent ... Although later Florid admitted that she was just trolling everyone.

10. Finland does not exist either

By the way, there is no Finland either. The existence of this country was rigged to facilitate the introduction of fishing quotas for export from Russia to Japan. Sushi is then made from it.

The theory was put forward by a 22-year-old Reddit user named Jack. According to him, his mother told him so.

However, later it turned out that the guy was joking. But he claims that ten percent of the people who turned to him sincerely believed in his story.

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