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Maria Butina spoke about the conditions in the US prison

The Russian woman, according to her, was kept in isolation for a long time and even brought food to the cell. This, she said, seemed to her "very unpleasant." It was difficult psychologically to carry it out, she noted.

Maria Butina in 2013 year.
Photos: Maria Butina’s Facebook page

Convicted in the United States for working as an agent without a license, Russian Maria Butina spoke about the conditions in American prisons. According to her, torture was not applied to her, but psychologically the girl was hard. This Butina reported during a telephone press conference with journalists, reports RBC with reference to TASS.

“I was really kept in isolation for quite a long time,” said the Russian woman.

On the subject: The court in the United States issued a sentence to the Russian spy Butina: she has already served half of the term

The first 35 days, she said, she was held in Washington prison, then, with a break of two months, she spent 35 days “on isolation” in a Alexandria prison (a prison in Alexandria, Virginia). Subsequently, there the Russian woman was kept for another 38 days.

“For 22 hours I was locked up in my cell. 2 hours at night, from 1:00 to 3:00, I was given time for a shower, a phone - for absolutely everything, - Butina explained. Food, she said, was brought directly to her cell. “This is very unpleasant and quite difficult psychologically,” the girl said.


At the moment, Butin is held in a general mode cell. Here, the Russian woman pointed out, she has access to the phone.

“For the most part we are in the common room of our department. I can communicate with other prisoners without any problems, ”she concluded.

On the subject: "You can’t even imagine the worst intelligence officer": a spy scandal in the eyes of Maria Butina

Russian woman was detained in the US in July 2018. The US authorities have accused her of conspiring to work with a foreign agent without a license, as well as real work with a foreign agent from 2015 of the year. In December last year, the Russian woman made a deal with the investigation, partly admitting guilt in the conspiracy against the United States and working as an agent. On April 26, a court in the United States sentenced Butin to 18 months in prison. After serving this sentence, Butin is deported.

Moscow has repeatedly insisted that the charges against Russian women are fabricated. So, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the sentence by Butina was called “a shameful stain on the American judicial system”, which carried out a political order.


Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, explained the court’s decision by the desire of the United States to "save face". The girl was “put behind bars, but there’s nothing to present [with her],” the head of state noted.

As wrote earlier ForumDaily:

  • Already nine months Russian woman Maria Butina is in Alexandria prisonVirginia. A civilian activist, a supporter of weapons legalization, came to the United States on a student visa on 2016, to study at American University in Washington.
  • The state prosecution, however, believes that Butina was engaged far from studying. According to the prosecution, Butin, having entered into an “ambitious” plot with former Central Bank deputy chairman Alexander Torshin, planned to establish unofficial channels of communication between Russia and people who are influential in American politics.
  • Butinu in the US is accused of collusion in the interests of Russia. She tried to build an unofficial channel of communication between countries in the interests of the Russian side. The state prosecution believes that she acted on the instructions of the Russian authorities.
  • 26 April Maria Butina received 18 months in prison by a US court - It was at this time that the prosecutors insisted. She has already served half of her term.
  • Judge Tanya Chatken said that one and a half years in prison was sufficient punishment, given the seriousness of the charges brought by Butina. By a court decision, a Russian woman may be deported back home after serving a term.
  • On appeal, Butina has 14 days.

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