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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Personal experience: how I worked illegally in the USA and why it is impossible to survive on $ 15 per hour

Travel blogger Maxim has been traveling around the world for several years. He shared his experience of how he had to work as an illegal in the United States.

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In this article, the author talks about how to find a job in the United States without having a permit, and what you can count on when you are here in the status of “nobody”, both legally and professionally.

All information he received "from the fields", that is, directly from migrants, well, or obtained as a result of physical interaction with the outside world.

Laws in the United States are different from state to state, salaries, taxes - everything is different, so everything that the author says mostly applies only to the state of Washington.

Since his English left much to be desired, he could only hope for the Russian-speaking diaspora in Washington in his search for work. And this “grouping” turned out to be quite active. Already a couple of hours after he posted ads on Facebook, a couple of offers fell to him: for a construction site and for fish harvesting.

He gave preference to the first option, having thrown off his “resume”, which boiled down to the fact that he is a hardy “teapot” who can do everything, but can do nothing.

Almost instantly, he received the answer that he was expected tomorrow at the facility. “At six in the morning. On Saturday. This is America, this is workaholism, ”the author writes.

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“Another point why I decided to look for a job in Washington state is a decent minimum wage, here it is one of the highest in America at $ 10,50 an hour. And they "promised" me as much as 15 USD. By Russian standards, it seems like crazy money. But! Let's sit down and count the expenses on the life of such an unassuming bum traveler like me, ”says Maxim.

At that time, he had already acquired housing: he rented a room in a house from Mexicans for $ 600 a month, 25 km from Seattle. A trip to the city to a construction site cost $ 5,2 one way.

“The cheapest 'cardboard' bread I have seen cost $ 1,2. Normal cost already in 3 bucks. A can of terrible beans is in the region of 1,5 USD, ”the author writes.

With a “normal” salary of $ 15 / hour, he could not afford to buy even normal food. No fruits or vegetables. No meat.

“It was more profitable for me to eat at McDuck (3 dollar burritos) or 7-11 (big pizza for 5 bucks),” the traveler says. Do you understand now why Americans are so fat? Because everyone who is below the middle class has to eat this kind of rubbish. ”

Therefore, when, wise by his everyday experience in the USA, he heard that the bus driver here receives 12 USD per hour, he wondered how in general one could survive on such pennies.

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“When every trip to the store is about 20 bucks, renting an apartment is about 1500 per month. And if people have loans / cars, and everyone has them, then in general it turns out to be a complete ambush, - Maxim is surprised. -That's how most Americans work day and night, sometimes seven days a week. In relation to work, there is a whole abyss between the Russians and the Yankees. ”

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