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Personal experience: how to open America after winning a green card

There are people who are ready for anything, just to emigrate. Their whole life is focused on the idea of ​​moving: they make plans, learn the language, spend a huge amount of time and money to make their dreams come true. Some even risk their lives illegally crossing the border, get involved in all sorts of adventures, or find not the first freshness and dubious dignity of spouses abroad.

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Immigration is usually a long and expensive process. Those who get involved in it, know exactly what they want and what they are ready to go for, writes ms.Maslenitsa on Pikabu. But there is an exception to any rule, in this case it is a lottery of green cards. This is a free online lottery, which is held annually by the US government, playing a residence permit with the right to employment in America.

Many participate in this lottery "just in case", "for fun", "what if it happens, I do not lose anything" and similar reasons. But after all the part from such "by passing" really wins!

It was up to such winners who did not undertake a mass of efforts to move (collecting documents, submitting applications, learning a language, etc.) and the question suddenly arises: is it worth it to leave?

It is clear that if you dreamed about emigration for years and won a green card, then a holiday has come to your street! The dream came true, buy tickets and leave for a bright future. But what if the winnings came as a surprise?

The man finds out that he won. And what next to do?

Here the apartment, the loan for the car is almost paid, the children study at school and after five years of studying the language in English they can only leave and say hello, parents are not of their first youth, and at work everything seems fine. Well, all this quit ?!

And a person begins to be tormented and estimate, but does he miss the chance that falls once in his life? After all, someone flies to Mexico, pays guides there, goes across the desert, crosses the border, many end up in overcrowded prisons, and here it is, the green card, you only need to lend a hand ... But do you need it?

There is no single answer to this question for everyone.

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I would not risk agitating anyone for immigration in any way: I don’t want to be remembered by an unkind word when problems start to happen after moving to America. And they will begin necessarily! Immigration is always a way out of the comfort zone.

Even the presence of a financial cushion, experience in a foreign company, perfect knowledge of the English language will not save from problems with adaptation in a new place.

But based on my own experience, I can guarantee that there are several points that should be considered before moving, then adaptation will be easier.

If you won the green card (residence permit in the United States), read carefully.

1. Before you talk about your luck with your friends and quit your disliked job, think about your chances that you really will get this green card.

Winning a green card lottery does not automatically mean getting a residence permit. There is still a detailed questionnaire ahead, payment of state duty, a trip to the embassy and a medical examination. By the way, despite the fact that the lottery itself is worth nothing, all other actions are paid.

First, the requirements for the questionnaires themselves have recently been significantly tightened. All the information you have provided there must be correct. Such mistakes as: wrote: "single" instead of "divorced"; wrote the first and last name in the wrong order; used an old photo in the application form - means an automatic refusal to issue a green card.

Secondly, the main duty of your interviewer is to make sure that in the United States you do not sit around the neck of the American taxpayer, that you have a job in demand in America, knowledge of English, an impressive financial pad, and so on. Selection is not all.

Thirdly, there are many things that can go wrong, everything is quite difficult to predict.

For example, my husband and I registered a marriage after winning the lottery, and in the interview I took a bunch of documents confirming our relationship (tickets, hotel extracts from previous years, photos, etc.). Just a week before our interview, I read on the forum a heart-rending story about how newlyweds were denied a green card because they considered their marriage fictitious.

Recently, I saw a program about a Ukrainian who won a green card, drove into the United States, and there she was detained at the airport. After many hours of flight, threats to go to prison and separate her with the child, she left the inhospitable country and only in Kiev found out what was the matter (the former partner said to the American police as a fraud, the visa with a green card was canceled).

The recent innovation is now paying much more attention to information on social networks, and you never know what nonsense you published there? For example, does your resume on LinkedIn match the data that you indicated when submitting documents for a green card? It is difficult to predict the possible problems that can bring this item, but it also should not be discounted.

In other words, until you get the coveted stamp in your passport, do not tune in to one hundred percent relocation, it will at least partially save you from stress in case of refusal to issue a green card.

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2. Financial pillow. The classic question of immigrants - is it worth selling everything in your homeland or is it better to leave yourself ways to retreat?

Again, how to answer it correctly? Anything can happen. Green cards may in the future and deprive.

Winning a green card is not a win of US citizenship, but simply an opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the USA. And if you show yourself a worthy member of American society, then in five years you will be able to apply for citizenship.

Selling an apartment while you're not a US citizen is somehow scary. If it does not work out, then where to return? Under the bridge to live? And if you do not sell, then what to live in a new place?

I once watched a program about a married couple of emigrants from Russia; during their first year in the United States, they spent 70 dollars. We are not talking about any special expenses: they bought cars, paid for courses for a new profession, bought furniture, spent on rent and food, until they worked for the first year. The amount is huge, but when the woman listed what exactly the money was spent on, it was clear that we were not talking about unnecessary spending - unless, perhaps, not fully calculated.

I know a lot of stories when people came with two or four thousand dollars, immediately began to work, rented cheap housing, and gradually everything was adjusted. Yes, they spent more time on building a career, their everyday life was much harder than that of better-off immigrants, but they coped with it.

Returning to the need for a financial cushion. The pledge of painless emigration is either the availability of money or the presence of skills in demand abroad!

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3. And now about "if you have ...", the keyword "if."

If you have the financial opportunity to come to the US, buy a car / cars, rent a house (without a local credit history, in some places take a deposit of six months rent), pay utility bills, gasoline, college or professional courses and so on, then you There is a real chance to find your place here.

If you have demanded skills and are ready to start work almost immediately after moving (for example, you are a high-class massage therapist, programmer or car repairman), then you will succeed too.

If you have the opportunity to do the same in the US than at home, then adapting to a new place will be less stressful for you than for those who change their whole lifestyle.

The option to come without money and without a profession also passes, unless, of course, you are allowed into the country. I know a family in which, after the move, the man worked as a courier, until he found a well-paying job in the IT sphere. Naturally, it was hard for him, but he coped with it and ended it. If you follow this path, be aware that it will not be easy.

Practically all the emigrants of the Soviet period came to the USA without money, but they were ready to be content with little. This wave of emigration did not feel humiliated and offended, buying goods at discount coupons and saving on every little thing.

Again, referring to someone else's experience, I remember one enterprising man who owned a small business at home, and after arriving in the US, he went to work in a car repair shop. His wife turned from a wealthy woman into a housekeeper in a strange house, and instead of a big house they themselves found themselves in a small apartment with noisy neighbors. A couple of years the situation returned to normal, the man finished the courses for testers and began working in his specialty. They removed a large, but demanding renovation of the house, which they brought to mind, made friends and their life got better. True, the man mentioned that his friends from the historic homeland several times asked him to live for the first time. Then, disappointed with his life, they returned back to Russia.

His friends, remembering how successful he was, did not understand: why immigrate at all if the standard of living, albeit temporarily, but falls so much?

Everyone decides for himself. Someone thinks that several years of efforts are a worthy challenge, others that the game is not worth the trouble. Everyone has their own truth and their choice.

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4. A little about what people are immigrating for.

It is difficult to explain: higher quality of life, convenience and comfort, friendly and friendly people, stability - these are all words, but there is so much behind them!

Yesterday I watched a video where a man told how happy he was that he had immigrated. He lives in a small apartment in New York, works in low-paying jobs, sees drunken homeless people on the subway every day, and so on. When this blogger listed all the flaws of his life, I wanted to shout to him: “Flash, if you are held back by force!”.

The funny thing is that he really looked happy, and I’m sure that it is.

Simply, there are things that are very difficult to put into words. It's like Zinaida Gippius: "If you need to explain, you do not need to explain." Only in our case it will be more correct: “If it is necessary to explain, it is impossible to explain.”

5. The most important thing is to determine exactly how your immigration will proceed, what exactly you can count on after moving.

And you need to be determined not on the basis of dreams, but based on objective information. Finding this information is not difficult, thousands of videos are posted on YouTube about everything, modern bloggers are ready to shoot videos on any topic, the entire Internet is replete with articles of immigrants and travelers.

No one except yourself knows if you should immigrate. If you think it over carefully, decide on your resources and prospects, you can make an informed decision.

Good luck with that!

PS And most importantly, remember that the lottery of green cards is free, held once a year on the official website and does not provide for any telephone interviews.

If you get a phone call and a pleasant voice with an American accent specifies your financial situation - this means you have become a victim of fraudsters.

If you win the lottery, having learned about it on the official website (for which you will need to remember your application number), you will need to fill out a detailed questionnaire, undergo a medical examination at home, pay state fees, sign up for an interview at the embassy, ​​but all of this after winning, not before! Any suggestions to "contribute to the win", "specify information about your financial situation" or to share account numbers - is an attempt to deceive you. Be carefull!

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